Learn how to Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Online!

Do you want to apply for Vanuatu citizenship by investment but you’re hesitating because of COVID-19? Worry no more! You can now apply for Vanuatu citizenship without stepping outside! The government makes sure they can still process applications for citizenship while ensuring public safety. You now have various options to apply for citizenship: either online, through courier, or bitcoins.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Application Options

vanuatu citizenship by investment

With the ongoing pandemic changing the way how we live the world, Vanuatu sees the necessity to go online in processing applications for citizenship. Since Vanuatu hails as one of the fastest countries to approve citizenship (as fast as one month), the government wants to step up their game. Aside from accepting Vanuatu citizenship by investment applications through bitcoin, you can now do it online too!

Online Investment

The COVID-19 forces many countries, especially Vanuatu, to go online with their application processing. The government now offers Vanuatu citizenship by investment online for a one-time $130,000 fee. You only need to connect with professional immigration agents for program consultation.

Then, no need to send hard copies of your files for now. You only need to scan it and fill out the application online. Online oaths or a scanned copy of your written declaration are now also accepted. This means you don’t need to go and file Vanuatu citizenship by investment in person anymore.

Application and Passport Retrieval Through Couriers

Want to send physical copies instead? Vanuatu got you covered too! The government also enforced Vanuatu citizenship by investment through couriers! You only need to send your application by courier to the nearest consulate in your own country. This could be an embassy, consulate, ambassador, or high commissioner.

They will submit your application to Vanuatu. The process will usually take 2-3 months due to the delay brought by COVID-19. Furthermore, there’s no need to go to Vanuatu and get your second passport personally. Just like the application, your second passport will be sent through couriers.

The Courier Process

The country's Department of Immigration will send a video link doing a short passport ceremony. They will send the passport on a foreign mission to your country of residence. Once the foreign mission receives your second passport, you can then pick it up in your country’s consulate. If not, you may opt to have it delivered to your home via a courier. The said arrangement took effect last June 18, 2020.

Benefits of Availing Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Here are some of the stunning benefits you can get from availing Vanuatu citizenship by investment:

  • Travel visa-free to over 100+ countries, including the European Union, United Kingdom, and Russia.
  • Enjoy massive tax cuts and benefits in the country (no income tax for individuals/companies).
  • Right to live, work, study, or do business in Vanuatu.
  • Citizenship can be extended to spouse, children, and parents.
  • Fast processing time within 1-3 months.
  • No residence or country lock-in requirements.
  • Opportunity to invest or Trade in Vanuatu's stock market, business, or enterprise projects.
  • Opportunity to participate in real estate investment in properties, hotels, and resorts.
  • No capital gains or estate taxes.
  • No death duty levied.
  • English is the official language, no language barrier!
  • Allows dual citizenship for you and your family.

Now that you know the stunning benefits of Vanuatu citizenship by investment, don’t let this pandemic hinder you from having a brighter future. Start your citizenship application now online! Consult with our professional agents now to guide you through the steps of the application process.

You’ll then get your second passport in no time! By the time COVID-19 ends, you’ll be able to go to Vanuatu or travel across the world with ease!

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