Countries that offers Residency by Investment

Residency by Investment is a process whereby a foreigner obtains permanent residency in a foreign land in exchange for an investment in the country’s economy.


Become European resident from 250K USD Timeline 3 to 6 months


The residency by investment program of Portugal called the Golden Visa was launched in 2012.


Become VIP in Thailand with 5 years visa 15 000USD - 1 month Become Thai resident

United Arab Emirates

The UAE offers an investment program that allows temporary residency for 3 three years.


Become Spain resident by investing in Real Estate Access to one of the best country of the world Investment from 500k EUR

Reasons to Invest in Permanent Residency

Residency by investment opens up doors through which individuals can enjoy increased global mobility throughout the world.


You will get security for a lifetime if you opt to invest in a permanent residence in peaceful countries.


You can see the growth in business as you can invest in your host country or travel abroad.


If you invest in a low tax rate country, it will save a lot of bucks and turn cash efficient.


Permanent Residency will help in acquiring visa that allows you to travel to more countries.


The PR status is given to all the members of the investor family, which makes it as a safe option.

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