Citizenship by Investment Programs Soar High Amid Pandemic, Experts Reveal

While the world shut down for a few months due to COVID-19, thousands of foreign investors are now seriously thinking about their future. They’re now thinking about which countries and governments provide premium social services in times of crisis. This prompted them to apply for citizenship by investment to get a second passport.

It’ll enable foreign investors to access privileges from another country. Here are the factors that compel investors to apply for a second passport.

How Citizenship by Investment Programs Soar High Amid Pandemic

Health and Security

Healthcare, security, and social services are among the important factors most investors consider when applying for citizenship by investment. However, their importance is heavily emphasized during this public health crisis. Most investors are now questioning whether or not their homeland can provide premium healthcare services when they need it.

Furthermore, investors are also wondering whether the government has the capability to provide incentive packages in times of crisis. They want to make sure the government is there to help their business survive and thrive during the pandemic. If a country is politically unstable, chances are, they’ll back out from applying for a second passport.

Taxation Crisis

Not just during the pandemic, but in any crisis, taxation is the best recovery blueprint. A nation will implement strategies, including tax policies in an attempt to recover the economy. While it’s expected that the high-income earners like investors will shoulder a heavy tax burden, they’re also interested to know whether the government will give them some leeway.

Some want to know whether the government is willing to lower corporate taxes and other exemptions to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Most investors are interested to apply for citizenship by investment programs in countries offering lower to zero taxation.

Digital Transformation

Another deciding factor in choosing the best country that offers citizenship by investment is the internet infrastructure and facilities. We already know that the world is changing. Everything is going digital whether it be work, business, or leisure. We’ve witnessed how technology is changing the world and the gig economy is booming.

However, the ongoing pandemic makes digital transformation an urgent and essential need. Businesses, work, and study now has to go online to thrive during the pandemic. So they expect the country they’re moving into to have innovative internet infrastructure and facilities. Having a slow internet connection is detrimental to the government.

Securing the Future

Another deciding factor in choosing the best citizenship by investment is the nation’s ability to secure the future. Are they implementing policies to ensure the resumption of economic and business activities while maintaining safety protocols? What is the government’s recovery program post-pandemic?

Are the officials giving incentive packages and aid to jobless people? Do they set aside a budget for vaccines, medical facilities, and other healthcare needs? Make sure to know the government’s long-term policies to recover from the crisis. In this way, you’ll be securing you and your family’s future.

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