What is Citizenship by Investment and Why Avail Right Now?

While most people dream of obtaining a permanent residency visa, you can obtain more perks if you acquire new citizenship or second passport. You can gain more rights as an individual like that of a bonafide citizen. You can participate in the voting election. However, gaining citizenship is only done by birth, marriage, or naturalization. Is there any other way to obtain citizenship in a short time? Good thing there’s citizenship by investment programs! 

What is Citizenship by Investment? 

Citizenship by investment meaning obtains secondary citizenship and the passport of your host country through investment. It means you can skip the lengthy process of obtaining a residency visa, getting married, or becoming naturalized. This program is designed for businessmen and investors who are willing to put a hefty amount to contribute to their host country’s economy. 

Benefits of Availing a Second Citizenship 

Aside from gaining the freedom to study, work, and live in your host country, you’ll also secure these awesome perks in becoming a citizen and obtaining a second passport. 


Gaining a second passport, especially if you’re in the first-world country, can be life-saving especially if your home country is in crisis. Not only you’re able to live as a naturalized citizen, but you also get to bring your family too. Moreover, you can enjoy entering and visiting other countries without applying for a visa thanks to your second passport. 

Global Mobility 

Like we said above, it becomes easier for you as a businessman to travel overseas thanks to your second passport. You can now save more time by ditching the lengthy process of visa application as you visit another country. You’re saving more money in the process too. It becomes easier for you to travel and conduct business meetings in any part of the world. For example, you get to visit in over 164 countries if you have a Cyprus passport. 

Business and Tax Management 

You can expand your business’ operations overseas as you can come and freely go to any country you want. You can meet with potential investors and new customers for possible partnerships. Aside from that, most foreign nationals enjoy lower corporate taxes, allowing you to accumulate more wealth in the process. 


We all know most businessmen venture overseas for more economic and business opportunities. However, you don’t need to endure being separated from them anymore once you obtain citizenship. You can migrate your family in your host country and be with them. Aside from that, they’re also eligible to apply for citizenship. 


Most of all, you get the privilege to enroll your children in the best schools in the world. You’ll give them the liberty to get a high standard of education to become a better global citizen. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide a better, brighter future for your offsprings.

Why Do Some Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment Program? 

Many countries offer citizenship by investment programs to attract investors into putting their money into the country. The funds accumulated then will be used by the government to invest in diversified projects like the economy, infrastructure, or socio-cultural projects.   

Countries Eligible for Citizenship by Investment Program

Some of the countries who offer citizenship by investment programs Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Cyprus. Grenada, Malta, St. Lucia. You can visit this page to learn the list of citizenship by investment countries. Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity to obtain citizenship and get a second passport. Become a naturalized citizen now and enjoy reaping these awesome perks!  

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