Here’s How to Avail Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Through Bitcoin!

There’s no doubt there are many benefits of having a second passport. Aside from becoming a citizen in the second country, you’re living, you’ll also be free to travel anywhere you want. While the thought of applying for citizenship is appalling, most investors hesitate due to the hefty amount they need to pour in. Is there any way to invest through other means? Good thing you can now buy Vanuatu citizenship by investment through bitcoin investment!

How to Avail Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment through Bitcoin?

The Vanuatu Information Center recently announced they had secured the government's approval to accept citizenship by investment payment through bitcoin. You heard it right, bitcoin investors! You can now buy Vanuatu's citizenship by investment through bitcoin! Instead of paying a hefty amount of cash or buying an expensive property, you can now pay through bitcoins or cryptocurrency!

vanuatu citizenship by investment through bitcoin
Vanuatu becomes the first country to offer citizenship investment programs through bitcoin investment.

The Center says in a statement that their immigration fee of more than $280,000 can be translated to only 58 bitcoins (which has a current market price of $4,843. According to the Center's managing director for the investment citizenship program, James Harris, cryptocurrency's increasing popularity as a mode of payment and transaction has earned a position in global finance. The Vanuatu government wants to take advantage of this technology by utilizing it when offering Citizenship by investment programs to foreign investors.

Transparency and Security

Obtaining Vanuatu citizenship by investment through bitcoin entitles investors not only to reside on the island but also to access over 125 countries. This means you can travel to Great Britain, European Union countries, and Russia without a visa! Harris believes the government can implement and manage the surge of investors who want to avail Vanuatu citizenship by investment through bitcoin.

He adds bitcoin transactions have a fully encrypted and traceable ledger; which makes the transaction fully secure and transparent. The Center also claimed their applicants can fully expect their application will get approved within days from their submission. They also believe the new payment system will help expedite the application process. Harris also says it will help boost the country’s economy in the process.

Currency Conversion

Despite the announcement, Harris says the Vanuatu government doesn't fully accept bitcoin as one of their main currencies. He reveals the government will still convert the bitcoins to dollars before it can be used in the economy. He clarifies they only accept bitcoin as a mode of payment to buy Vanuatu's citizenship for easy access to the investors.

Harris adds that the Center understands the rising numbers of significant bitcoin investors have already made promising returns. For the past 18 months, there’s been a 1000% increase in the bitcoin’s value. Vanuatu wants to take advantage of this technology to boost its economy and encourage more investors in obtaining their citizenship programs. Harris also believes bitcoins will become a highly valuable asset of the country in the near future.

Other Countries which Followed Vanuatu's footsteps

Aside from Vanuatu, the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis also adapted citizenship by investment through bitcoin. A wealthy businessman, Roger Ver, also set up a company known as "Bitcoin Jesus" to accept bitcoin payments in exchange for purchasing real estate properties.


There’s no doubt that this new payment method implemented will boost Vanuatu citizenship by investment program. Interested in availing Vanuatu’s citizenship? Make a move right now! Don’t miss this chance to obtain a second passport, bitcoin investors! It’s time to put your bitcoin investments to good use!

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