Check Out the Best Countries to Offer Residency Investment Programs!

We already know that some countries expedite the process of citizenship applications by investment. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of $$$ just to invest and make significant contributions to your dream destination country. Is there a slightly cheaper alternative to get a resident visa? Good thing these countries offer the best residency investment programs this year! 

Best Countries for Residency Investment Programs This 2020 


It’s a no brainer why everyone wants to move to Dubai. This city in the United Arab Emirate is bustling with wonderful economic opportunities and vibrant life. The government is also working on easing their process of company setup, free zone companies, and even residency investment programs to attract entrepreneurs and investors. 

If you’re interested, you need to invest a minimum of $272,000 to purchase a real estate property to obtain permanent residency and golden visa. Alternatively, you can also invest $20,000 in a business to become a resident in Dubai. 


If you want to stay in Montenegro, you need to invest at least $595,000 on properties to obtain permanent residency. Aside from that, the government is keen on giving citizenship to qualifying investors who contributed a significant impact to their economy or business. 


Another European country you should consider moving in is Spain. You can be eligible for residency investment programs if you spend at least $595,000 on a property. Successful applicants not only acquire a European residency permit; they’ll also have a chance to work and live in any EU country of their choice. 

Saint Lucia 

If you’re looking for another Caribbean endeavor, then Saint Lucia might just be the one you’re looking for. You only need to have a $300,000 property investment to be eligible for permanent residency. If you’re a little short, you may opt to donate $100,000 to Saint Lucia’s sovereign wealth fund to secure a permanent residency. The latter method also makes you eligible to secure a second passport. 


Spain’s neighbor also offers a nearly-identical residency investment program for foreigners. You’ll be entitled to permanent residency if you purchase a property with a minimum value of $595,000. You’ll also be eligible for full citizenship if you live in the country for at least six years. 


Greece is also pretty generous to non-EU citizens. You only need to invest around $300,000 to any property in the country to be eligible for residency. Any successful applicant will have the chance to live and work not just in Greece but in any EU country. You’re also qualified to apply for full citizenship if you reside at least 7 years or longer in Greece. 


Another European country that offers an expensive residency investment program in Switzerland. You need to invest a staggering $1.2 million either in business or property to acquire permanent residency. Aside from that, you’re required to stay for at least 12 years before you’re eligible for citizenship. All of it is worth it though since Switzerland always attracts billionaires all over the world. 


Cyprus is a little expensive since not only it is a European country, but it’s also a haven for investors. Cyprus requires investors to purchase an astounding 300,000-Euros property market value. Aside from that, you must purchase a new property approved by the government. Despite its tight ruling and a hefty amount of investment, many businessmen still invest in Cyprus to obtain an EU passport.  


Belgium’s residency investment program requires you to invest at least $416,000 on the property to have permanent resident status. Furthermore, you’ll become eligible for a Golden visa if you live in the country for more than five years. Then, you’ll also have a chance to apply for full citizenship.

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