Citizenship by Investment

Invest in real estate, bonds or government donation and obtain a second citizenship in just a few months. Our citizenship by investment programs ranges from European Union countries to countries offering attractive tax advantages and visa-free travel. 

citizenship and residency by investment

Residency by Investment

Looking to live in a country with tax advantages, excellent infrastructure, and a wonderful way of life?
Through our investing in residency program, you can be a resident in the country of your dreams in a short period of time.

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Citizenship by Investment Programs


Live and work in a European Union territory and become a Cyprus Citizen


Enjoy visa-free travel to more than 158 countries and become a Dominican citizen starting at USD100,000


Invest in real estate for starting at 200K-350K (single applicant) and enjoy a Grenada citizenship by 3-4 months


Become a VIP in Thailand with a 5 year visa and be a Thai resident in a month starting at USD15,000


Claim European residency and be a Greek resident within 3-6 months starting at USD250,000


Become a Spain resident by investing in real estate investment starting at EUR 500K

Residency by Investment Programs

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