Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment Announced Fee Reductions

Planning to move to the Caribbean but unable to do so due to a limited budget? Good news! This country just announced they’re reducing fees for citizenship by investment. Saint Kitts citizenship by investment is now reduced for families. Let us learn everything we need to know about this CIP program and how you can avail it amid a pandemic.

Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program Announced

Saint Kitts CIP Program

Before we go to the most-awaited fees reduction, let us introduce to you the Saint Kitts citizenship by investment program. As of 2019, Saint Kitts hails as the strongest passport in all of the Caribbean countries. Obtaining this second passport grants you visa-free access to over 154 countries, including European Schengen states, Ireland, UK, and Russia.

saint kitts citizenship by investment

The country is also set to extend the visa waiver program as the government signed a partnership with 19 more countries. This includes Albania, Georgia, and Mexico. Saint Kitts also tightened the application process for citizenship by investment.

The Requirements

Saint Kitts citizenship by investment program requires at least $200,000 real estate investment and it must be held for at least 7 years. Most foreign investors prefer the real estate option since it’s cheaper especially to big families; contrary to the donation option. Applicants must also undergo biometric and fingerprinting requirements.

This data will also be used for your biometric e-passport which is valid for 10 years. Unlike other countries, Saint Kitts doesn’t require taking an Oath from the applicants. This means you get to obtain dual citizenship. Want to accelerate your application process? No problem! Saint Kitts can process your application within 45 days for $25,000 per applicant or $20,000 per dependent.

The Announcement

Want to know how to save money while applying for Saint Kitts CIP now? You’re in luck! For a limited time, Saint Kitts offers a limited discount for families applying for CIP program amid COVID-19. A family of four can now avail citizenship by donation down for $150,000 + fees.

This gives you an astounding $45,000 discount! Meanwhile, the stamp duty for real estate is reduced to 2.5%. This makes SKN as one of the best yet cost-effective CBI programs out there! The said limited discount is effective starting July 1 to December 32, 2020. So don’t miss this opportunity to apply for Saint Kitts citizenship by investment now! Contact our professional immigration experts to help you with the application process.

The Benefits

Aside from availing this huge discount, here are the awesome benefits you can get from availing Saint Kitts citizenship by investment program:

  • Visa-free travel access to over 100+ countries
  • No residency lock-in, or visit in the country needed
  • No income tax or wealth tax
  • Lifetime citizenship
  • Dual citizenship for you and your family. This ensures you’ll be giving your family and succeeding generations a better future. This is due to the lifetime citizenship status extended to you and your family.
  • Privacy and Safety in a small, beautiful, yet peaceful country. You and your loved ones will enjoy staying here.
  • Choice of real estate investment

What are you waiting for? Avail the discounted rate for Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program now, contact us!

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