What is Residency by Investment and Why You Should Consider?

At some point in your life, you might have considered moving into another country. If not, maybe you’re dreaming of setting up your business overseas. Fulfilling these life-long dreams comes with the price of a long, tedious visa application process. Good thing though that most countries today are now adapting residency by investment programs. 

You might be wondering how it works? What are its perks? Why you should spend a hefty amount of money to avail one? In this guide, we’ll walk you through this awesome program and the awesome perks you can get from it. 

The Permanent Residency Status 

Permanent residency is a type of visa status that allows foreigners to reside legally in their host country. Even if they are not naturalized citizens of a particular country, permanent residents are entitled to study, live, work, and can even access the country’s healthcare system. Most countries require a foreigner to gain significant working experience, stay between 5-10 years or more, or speaking the host country’s language. 

What is Residency by Investment Program? 

What if I tell you there’s a short-cut to that? What is the residency by investment meaning? You can expedite and ease your residency application thanks to residency by investment program. This program will help you obtain a permanent residency card by investing directly in the host country’s economy. As long as you meet their required investment amount, you can expedite your permanent residency application and skip the lengthy traditional method. 

Perks of Availing Residency by Investment Programs 

Here are the awesome perks and benefits you can get from availing residency by investment programs: 


Obtaining a permanent residency is stable and secure. It means you’re free and legally able to engage in business or work in the country you’re staying in. It also serves as your insurance that you and your family will be protected should political or economic unrest occur. 

Global Mobility 

If you’re not a US, EU, or first-world country citizen, chances are, you’ll have a hard time travelling across the globe. It limits your business and leisure’s mobility. But not anymore if you have a permanent residency visa. You’re free to enter another country’s domain, engage in work, business, or leisure travel whenever you please. 

Business Autonomy 

Residency by investment also gives you autonomy and control to your business. Aside from operating a business in your host country, you’re also entitled to enjoy lower corporate taxes. This allows you to expand your business and accumulate more wealth in the long run. 


Once you become a permanent residency, you’re also entitled to migrate your spouse and family with you. You don’t have to endure being separated from your family anymore. You’re also able to secure their future by giving them access to premium healthcare, good education, awesome work opportunities, and improved lifestyle. 


Education is crucial to becoming a successful global citizen. Paired with hard work, the knowledge you obtained from studying will help you navigate in the real world. You can now give your children and your relatives the best education by enrolling them in the best, prestigious schools in your host country. 

Why Do Countries Offer Residency by Investment? 

According to studies, some countries offer residency by investment programs in an attempt to attract global investors. This direct investment will boost their economy. The government can also use these funds in investing in an economical or cultural project. Besides, you’ll likely reap your investment in the long-run since you get to enjoy all the government’s programs and benefits as a legal resident. 

Where to Avail Residency by Investment Programs?

Check out this list to know what countries offer residency by investment now! 

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