The Best Countries to Apply for Permanent Residency by Investment

Are you interested to move abroad and live there for good? With hundreds of residency by investment programs offered by different countries, it can be overwhelming to choose one. You’re at a loss on where to start your search. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the best countries to apply for permanent residency by investment right now! Seize this opportunity to change your and your family’s lives and future.

The Best Countries to Apply for Permanent Residency by Investment


One of the best countries for permanent residency by investment is in Spain. Spain offers a good standard of living and has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. This country also has a mild climate that lets you enjoy all seasons throughout the year. Spain's RIP program guarantees the investor and his family members free movement within Schengen countries.

permanent residency by investment

Spain offers a golden visa in exchange for 500,000 Euros investment. You can get the permit within 3 months and renew it every two years. After five years of living, you can apply for permanent residency. After 10 years, you’ll be eligible for citizenship. You can learn more about Spain’s Residency by Investment Program.


Portugal is another country that offers a good permanent residency by investment. The country also offers a "golden visa" that is similar to Spain's program. You can already obtain a permanent resident visa after investing at least 500,000 Euros. There's no need to learn the language or even have business and management experience to gain a permanent visa. Learn more about Portugal’s Residency by Investment Program.


If you prefer to invest in Greece's permanent residency by investment, you need to purchase a real estate property worth 250,000 Euros. Greece also offers low-cost yet high-quality education to ex-pats. The permanent residency visa also offers free travel and movement to Schengen and other European countries in the region. You can get the permit as early as two months from its date of application. Check out Greece’s Residency by Investment Program.


Known as the jewel of the Meditteranean sea, Malta offers scenic views and a moderate climate that attracts foreign investors. Malta also ranked number five as having the best medical care system in the world. You need to invest at least 250,000 Euros in real estate properties and pledge not to sell it within the next five years.

The permanent residency by investment application will not take more than seven months. Once your application is approved, you and your family (to the fourth degree) can have access traveling in the Schengen zone. Aside from that, your kids get to access in Malta’s prestigious universities too. Check out Malta’s program here!


Turkey offers several residencies by investment programs, making it easier for investors to travel to and from the country. The easiest part is through real estate investment. However, the residency status will only apply to the applicant. After staying for five years, only then you can apply for Turkish citizenship for you and your family.

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