Top 4 Countries Where You Can Obtain Citizenship by Investment

Countries Where You Can Obtain Citizenship by Investment Now

Several countries offer citizenship by investment programs these days but did you know that this isn’t exactly new? Foreign nationals love to go on adventures, explore, enjoy vacations and do business out of their country. Many countries have come up with different offers, programs for immigrants and foreigners who wish to settle abroad. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s about interested individuals getting citizenship in a foreign country by making financial contributions there. Before your application, research about the countries where you can obtain citizenship by investment.

Research about the countries where you can obtain citizenship by investment

Whether the country requires you to stay or not depends on a certain country. Some applicants don’t need to stay in that country before the approval of the naturalization process.

Let’s find out which countries offer the most reputable citizenship by investment program.

United Kingdom

The subsequent citizenship and permanent residency in the United Kingdom cost GBP 2 million. You also have to fulfill other additional requirements. You must live for at least 5 years in the UK before you are granted citizenship, 9 months each year in the country. Applications take 2-3 months before going through. UK citizenship is best for enterprises planning to invest a business here.


Did you know one of the most coveted for sale citizenship programs in the whole of Europe comes from Malta? Why is that?

Malta is offering high ROI to everyone! You can choose the Malta Citizenship Program at around EUR 275,000 or Malta IIP that costs around EUR 900,000. You have to rent or purchase a property in the country and stay for at least 12 months. Once you're approved to be a citizen, the Malta passport will allow you to live, work, study, and travel around the 26 European nations.

Malta is Countries Where You Can Obtain Citizenship by Investment

Malta is one of the countries where you can obtain citizenship by investment that won't require you to return to retain citizenship. Another good thing is you won't have to return to Malta to retain citizenship. A Maltese passport means you won't need to apply for a visa when traveling to 160 countries around the world! The countries include the UK, Canada, and the US.

You must remember that only the residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the European Union (EU) can avail of the Malta IIP.


You should know upfront that acquiring citizenship in Cyprus is not cheap, even if it's via investment. You'll have to pay up to EUR 300,000 for a golden visa and up to EUR 2,000,000 for a passport. It's worthy given that it has no requirement for residency and a fast process. You can obtain a Cypriot passport in 6 months or less!

Despite the advantageous lack of naturalization requirements, the government makes up through a mandatory property investment worth at least EUR 500,000.

The Cypriot passport is also like the Maltese citizenship that allows its citizens to do activities in the 28 states of the European Union. You can choose whether to travel, study, live and work across the 28 states of the European Union.

Cyprus citizenship is refreshing that it doesn't require any experience or any specific skills. You can even apply for their citizenship program from any country. The most encouraging thing about it is having a high approval rate!


Otherwise known as Holland is a small country. It's packed with icons that are famous all over the world. From wooden shoes, windmills, the canal of Amsterdam, cheese markets, and bulb fields, Netherlands is the place to be. But that's not the only reason people are attracted to the country.

Countries Where You Can Obtain Citizenship by Investment Now

Apart from masterpieces and innovative water-management, the Dutch have a straightforward policy for foreign investors. It'll cost EUR 1,250,000 to secure a Golden visa.

Applicants need a minimum 5-year stay for permanent residency status. After obtaining the passport, the only thing you need to do is visit and stay for a few days every year. With full access to 26 nations, you can enjoy visa-free travel to work, study, and enjoy life!

These are just the top 4 countries where you can obtain citizenship by investment. Life is short, travel and live in the country of your choice through investment now! You can start your application today and ask us about more details.

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