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Everything You Need to Know About Cyprus’ Citizenship by Investment

Planning to move to Europe and settle there? The European region offers vast potentials and opportunities to its citizens. That’s why most businessmen want to invest in this rich region. However, they seem to have a hard time invading the European market. For those who are struggling, we’ve got good news for you! Cyprus citizenship by investment program is now available! 

Cyprus’ Citizenship by Investment Program


Benefits of Obtaining Cyprus’ CIP Program 

The government of Cyprus assures you’ll receive the following stunning benefits for those investors who will avail citizenship by investment. 

Obtain Rights as an EU Citizen 

All Cypriot passport holders will obtain privilege like that of an EU Citizen. They will have the right to study, work, reside, and travel to any country that’s part of the European Union without limits! This means you can travel to any part of the region, whether it’s for business or leisure purposes. 

Freedom of Movement 

Not only do you get to travel freely to 28 EU countries, but you’ll also have access to travel in over 166 countries worldwide too. Aside from that, you’re also free to move your goods and services across these countries without the hassle of obtaining a visa. 

Citizenship for the Whole Family 

The Cyprus government also ensures you won’t only reap these awesome benefits, but it will also be extended to your family too! The moment you obtain citizenship by investment, your spouse, children, and dependents automatically get eligible. It is said that your citizenship can also be passed down automatically to succeeding generations too.    

Attractive Tax Scheme 

One of the main reasons why investors want Cyprus is that it has one of the lowest tax schemes in the EU. Cyprus citizens enjoy lower corporate taxes, immovable property tax, and zero inheritance tax. If you want to avail of these perks, make sure to apply for Cyprus citizenship by investment program right now. 

Return of Investment 

Three years after obtaining your citizenship, you can sell your properties and earn income or returns out of it. Just make sure you’ll retain 500,000 Euros worth of investment as your personal properties. Nevertheless, there’s a guarantee that you’ll get your returns in no time; money or privilege-wise. 

High Standard of Living 

There are tons of reasons why investors avail citizenship by investment and stay in Cyprus for good. Aside from its perks being in a member of EU, it has a favorable climate all-year-round. It makes it easier for you to adapt to Europe’s weather and climate without enduring the winter’s biting chill or scorching heat of summer. You and your family will also have access to high-quality education and healthcare.   

Guidelines in Obtaining Citizenship by Investment

  • Here are the general things you should know when applying for Cyprus CIP. 
  • The applicant must invest a minimum of 2 million Euros to become eligible. 
  • The entire application process usually takes 6 months or more. 
  • No need to actually live in Cyprus before, during, or after the application process. 
  • No language requirements either. 
  • You need to keep your investments for at least five years before you can sell your properties. However, you need to keep at least 500,000 Euros worth of personal residence property in Cyprus.
  • You’re also required to donate at least 150,000 Euros aside from your principal investment. 
  • The good news is that your family can also obtain citizenship. You can also apply for your parents’ citizenship. Cyprus allows dual citizenship. 
  • No tax consequences for applicants who obtain Cyprus citizenship.


Want to have a smooth application process to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment? We got you covered! Our professional team is always ready to help you right now!

Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Destination for Citizenship by Investment

Do you have plans to move and settle in the Caribbean? Its tropical climate, luscious greenery forest, and beautiful white beaches serve as great factors for immigration. But more than the vibrant and relaxing lifestyle you’ll experience, most investors choose this region due to their economic potential. It also offers easy access to gain residency and citizenship by investment visas to businessmen. 

Antigua and Barbuda, in particular, offers an easier way to get avail citizenship by investment to foreign investors. This efficient program proves to be successful as it drove thousands of applications! Moreover,  the country recently issued astounding 4,157-second passports to foreign investors! How did this happen? Let’s read and find out. 

Citizenship by Investment Data 

According to Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit’s annual report, they just issued a total of 4,157 passports as of 2019. The unit also expects to break all previous records they had in their immigration history. Furthermore, the government reveals they’re hopeful the increasing trend will continue this year 2020. 

The unit reveals they receive an average of 40 applications per month. 

Since mid-2019, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment unit received a total of 2,188 applications from foreign investors all over the world; with 241 applications from January-June 2019. Under the investment scheme, the unit was able to grant 4,157 passports to different nationalities. Most applicants also chose the NDF Donation option in their applications.  

The Citizenship by Investment Breakdown 

Out of 2,188 applications, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment reveals 78.5% of applicants were granted under the NDF category. Meanwhile, 12% of the investors chose to apply for citizenship by investing through real estate. Only 9% of investors applied for business.  

Average Passport Granted Data Per Year 

Based on last year’s magnificent results, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment is positive they’ll double their numbers this year. The unit reveals the year 2019 was the year they yielded one of the highest numbers of applications and approved visas and passports. Since its launch in 2014, the country only granted 252 passports in the same year. 

The year after, it increased up to 655. Antigua got its (former) highest spike in 2016 with 1016 passports granted. However, it plummeted to 697 in 2017. The year after, it lowered to 644. Finally, it rose to 893 in 2019. All in all, Antigua and Barbuda granted a total of 4,157 passports so far.  

Top Countries to Avail Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Scheme 

Like Australia (link to Australian article), Antigua and Barbuda’s top investors also came from China with 792 applicants. They constitute 36% of the applicants. Russia comes in next with 142 (6.5%). The Third in line is surprisingly Syria with 122 (5.5%) applicants. Landing on the fourth spot is Bangladesh with 106 investors granted with passports.  

On the fifth spot is Lebanon with 96 applicants. Landing on the last five spots for the top ten countries include Libya with 84 investors granted passports. Next is Nigeria with 60. Pakistan with 61 granted passports. The United States with only 51. Lastly, the United Kingdom with only 33.


There’s no doubt that Antigua and Barbuda offer lax policies and vast potentials for both local and foreign investors. That’s why we think it’s one of the perfect places if you want to start invading the Caribbean market. Want to know how to apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment and get your dream passport? We can assist you with that!

Australia Accumulated THIS HUGE Amount from Significant Investor Visa

Ever wondered why most first-world countries today have a booming and stable economy? Aside from their efficient government system, these countries also offer enticing citizenship and residency by investment programs to attract investors. A perfect example of this is Australia’s significant investor visa. 

Let us find out how Australia managed to accumulate billions of dollars from its significant investor visa system. And as to why businessmen around the world won’t miss to avail it. 

Significant Investor Visa: The Data 

According to the experts, Australia is doing a great job raising their funds’ thanks to its citizenship programs. The Australia Home Affairs Office reveals they’ve approved an astounding 2,264 SIV visas from 2012-2019. For this time-frame, the country has accumulated a staggering 11.3 billion AUD! 

The government says these huge funds allowed them to invest in the business, infrastructure, and social services. The Council further reveals the top nationalities where they attract investors the most. Among the top comes the Chinese market. The Chinese investors contributed a staggering 9.6 billion AUD of investments through the SIV Visa Scheme. 

Countries with Significant Investor Visa Scheme 

Around 86.3% of Chinese investors applied for a significant investor visa. They have an astounding 85.4% approval rate. Next in line is Hong Kong, with over 4.1% application and a 3.4% approval rate. Malaysia comes next with 1.3% application and 1.8% approval rate. Lastly, South Africa and Vietnam come with a 1.1% application and 1.5%, 1.3% approval rate, respectively. 

Significant Investor Visa Ruling

The government also says the Significant Investor Visa serves as a pathway for significant migration investment in the country. The investors who avail of SIV program are eligible for Business Innovation and Investment Visa program. They’re also candidates for residency and citizenship programs.

The significant investor visa program was first launched on 24 November 2012. The applicant must secure an invitation and have an intent to live either in the State or Territory. Aside from that, the investor must maintain their investments for up to four years. 

Why Australia Attracts Wealthy Asian Investors 

According to the council, Australia takes pride in being the primary choice for investment and immigration for most wealthy Asian millionaires due to a myriad of reasons. The investors said they love Australia’s stable political system. The country’s strategic location is also near mainland China. 

Australia also hails as one of the best education systems and universities around the world. Not to mention they have a high standard of living and the largest real estate property market. For these reasons, it’s no wonder most investors prefer to avail significant investor visa and move to Australia. 

Significant Investor Visa Time-frame 

According to studies, the states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria are the top beneficiaries for SIV visa investments. In 2019, New South Wales received a total of 76 investment programs and sponsorships from SIV. Queensland comes next with 13 investment programs. Victoria receives less than 10 and West Australia with 9.

If you’re interested in avail Australia’s Significant Investor Visa, you can contact Australia Home Affairs Office for the requirements and application process. Furthermore, it usually takes around 26 months for the visa to get approved. However, slight differences may be encountered based on your type of business to invest in. 


There’s no doubt that Australia hails as one of the top citizenship immigration destinations in the world. But it comes with a price since you need not only invest a hefty amount, but you also need to conform with their strict guidelines. If you’re looking for an alternative, though, you can check out this citizenship by investment countries programs.

Check Out the Best European Countries to Obtain Citizenship!

There’s no doubt that all of us dream of living and acquiring citizenship in Europe. Its landlocked continent makes it easier for us to hop and visit from one country to another. Hence, the European Union offers a Schenegen visa for foreigners. Aside from that, Europe offers a high-standard of education, healthcare, and lifestyle. 

Its stable economy also attracts huge business potentials too. How can we obtain citizenship in a European country? What are the best European countries to apply for citizenship by investment? This study shows the best EU places to obtain citizenship. 

The Study 

According to International Citizenship Index (ICI), they’ve conducted a study to determine the best European countries which offer citizenship by investment. They based their study on a lot of factors like education, healthcare, freedom of movement, civil and political rights, equality, judiciary acts and ranked them. The ICI also reiterates the results states that most European countries in their top 10 list support equal marriage. It also offers top-notch political democracy, education, and healthcare. 

Best European Countries to Offer Citizenship 


One of the main reasons why investors invest is that it’s mainly an English-speaking country. This makes it easier for them to put up a business and communicate with the locals. Iceland also has a stable economy and high-purchasing power. Due to their strong economy, you might struggle a bit due to their high cost of living. However, it becomes beneficial for you in the long run. 


Aside from Cyprus’ Golden visa that lets you obtain citizenship by investment, this European country’s pristine location and booming economy make it a popular business hub spot. It also has state of the art transport system, making it easier for you to travel across the country. Not only that, but living in Cyprus makes it easier for you to invade the European, Asian, and African markets. You can learn more about Cyprus’ citizenship by investment program here.


Known as one of the best countries in the world, it’s no wonder why investors want to have Swedish citizenship. Aside from being a member of the EU, it also has access to the Nordic market. As a Scandinavian country, Sweden is an ideal location to access Northern Europe’s highly innovative market and economy. It also provides one of the best healthcare, education, and lifestyle in the world. 


Another Scandinavian country, Denmark has one of the best economies in the world. Denmark supports free trade, making it easier for businessmen to set up their companies here. You can also have access to large natural resources and its state of the art infrastructure. Aside from that, Denmark provides top-notch social welfare services and healthcare. You and your family will have access to a high standard of education and lifestyle here. Denmark also promotes equality for everyone. 


Aside from the Netherlands’ strong economic ties, most investors want to obtain citizenship due to its high standard of living. Unlike any other country, the Netherlands seeks a balance between progress and conserving the environment. It now produces 3D Printed houses and promotes bikes as the main source of transportation. The government has a goal to cut carbon emissions by 95%. Moreover, Dutch stocks are one of the best performing stock markets in the world. 


Another Scandinavian country, Norway enjoys a highly-stable and powerful economy in the world. It’s also rich in natural resources like oil, forests, gas, hydropower, and marine life. It also promotes ease of doing business to attract more foreign investments. Since it’s a member of the European Union, you’re also granted access to most countries all over the world thanks to its powerful passport.   

Compelling Reasons to Have a Second Passport by Investment this 2020!

We’ve barely started the first quarter of 2020 and we already heard significant news all over the world. The tension in the Middle East is soaring, bushfires in Australia, volcanic eruptions, an impending health crisis outbreak, among other things. These uncertainties put a stake not only on you but your family’s future too. Is there a way to secure your future in the host country you’re staying in? Good thing you can avail of a second passport by investment! 

Why Do You Need to Obtain a Second Passport by Investment? 

To simply put, obtaining a second passport means getting citizenship in your host country. After becoming a permanent resident, you can avail citizenship and get a second passport which entitles you for more benefits and privileges in your chosen country. However, it’ll probably take at least a decade if you’re going the traditional path. 

Hence, we recommend businessmen to avail of a second passport by investment this 2020! By becoming a citizen, you can protect your family and business’ future against economic or political unrest (like what happened in Hong Kong). Here are other stunning benefits you can get from obtaining a second passport by investment. 

Higher Investment Returns 

You might think investing a hefty amount to obtain a second passport is risky, but it’s actually beneficial for you in the long run. Not only you get to stay, but you can also work and earn money in your chosen country. 

This means you can extend your business operation overseas! You’ll also have economical access to booming countries like Dubai in the UAE. Cyprus, etc. You can also take advantage of these countries’ thriving industries, tourism, and vibrant lifestyle. 

Greater Opportunities 

Another compelling reason why investors choose to avail a second passport by investment is that you get to unlock greater opportunities along with it. You can set up a business in your host country. And since you’re already a citizen, you can form a partnership with big investors overseas. Not only that, but the privilege you enjoy today will also be carried on by your dependents. This means you can migrate your family and children with you. You and your family will then have access to a top-notch education, healthcare, and social services. 

Ease of Travel 

Obtaining a second passport by investment, especially in the Schengen zone, is beneficial for most investors. You don’t have to waste money, time, and effort in paperwork and obtaining necessary requirements just to apply for a visa anymore. It means you’re free to travel to any European country whenever you want; either for business, work, or leisure purposes. The best part? You get to live in any country you want if you get a second passport by investment too! 

Serves as a Backup Plan 

While there’s no place like home, it doesn’t hurt if you’re prepared to have the best future for you and your family. If your homeland is in a crisis, you always have the option to relocate. Thanks to your second passport by investment, you can migrate to any country you want and bring your family with you.  

What Countries offer the Second Passport by Investment? 

Some of the countries we recommend you get a second passport by investment are Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, and Sta. Lucia. These countries have a booming economy, thriving real estate and tourism industry. Moreover, you can also apply for a Shenegen country to gain access to Europe. 

Talk to Specialist 

Don’t know where to start or how to apply for a second passport by investment? We got you covered! Talk to our specialist now to plan your next big move! We cover Citizenship Programs and Residency Programs depending on your needs.

What is Citizenship by Investment and Why Avail Right Now?

While most people dream of obtaining a permanent residency visa, you can obtain more perks if you acquire new citizenship or second passport. You can gain more rights as an individual like that of a bonafide citizen. You can participate in the voting election. However, gaining citizenship is only done by birth, marriage, or naturalization. Is there any other way to obtain citizenship in a short time? Good thing there’s citizenship by investment programs! 

What is Citizenship by Investment? 

Citizenship by investment meaning obtains secondary citizenship and the passport of your host country through investment. It means you can skip the lengthy process of obtaining a residency visa, getting married, or becoming naturalized. This program is designed for businessmen and investors who are willing to put a hefty amount to contribute to their host country’s economy. 

Benefits of Availing a Second Citizenship 

Aside from gaining the freedom to study, work, and live in your host country, you’ll also secure these awesome perks in becoming a citizen and obtaining a second passport. 


Gaining a second passport, especially if you’re in the first-world country, can be life-saving especially if your home country is in crisis. Not only you’re able to live as a naturalized citizen, but you also get to bring your family too. Moreover, you can enjoy entering and visiting other countries without applying for a visa thanks to your second passport. 

Global Mobility 

Like we said above, it becomes easier for you as a businessman to travel overseas thanks to your second passport. You can now save more time by ditching the lengthy process of visa application as you visit another country. You’re saving more money in the process too. It becomes easier for you to travel and conduct business meetings in any part of the world. For example, you get to visit in over 164 countries if you have a Cyprus passport. 

Business and Tax Management 

You can expand your business’ operations overseas as you can come and freely go to any country you want. You can meet with potential investors and new customers for possible partnerships. Aside from that, most foreign nationals enjoy lower corporate taxes, allowing you to accumulate more wealth in the process. 


We all know most businessmen venture overseas for more economic and business opportunities. However, you don’t need to endure being separated from them anymore once you obtain citizenship. You can migrate your family in your host country and be with them. Aside from that, they’re also eligible to apply for citizenship. 


Most of all, you get the privilege to enroll your children in the best schools in the world. You’ll give them the liberty to get a high standard of education to become a better global citizen. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide a better, brighter future for your offsprings.

Why Do Some Countries Offer Citizenship by Investment Program? 

Many countries offer citizenship by investment programs to attract investors into putting their money into the country. The funds accumulated then will be used by the government to invest in diversified projects like the economy, infrastructure, or socio-cultural projects.   

Countries Eligible for Citizenship by Investment Program

Some of the countries who offer citizenship by investment programs Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Cyprus. Grenada, Malta, St. Lucia. You can visit this page to learn the list of citizenship by investment countries. Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity to obtain citizenship and get a second passport. Become a naturalized citizen now and enjoy reaping these awesome perks!  

What is Residency by Investment and Why You Should Consider?

At some point in your life, you might have considered moving into another country. If not, maybe you’re dreaming of setting up your business overseas. Fulfilling these life-long dreams comes with the price of a long, tedious visa application process. Good thing though that most countries today are now adapting residency by investment programs. 

You might be wondering how it works? What are its perks? Why you should spend a hefty amount of money to avail one? In this guide, we’ll walk you through this awesome program and the awesome perks you can get from it. 

The Permanent Residency Status 

Permanent residency is a type of visa status that allows foreigners to reside legally in their host country. Even if they are not naturalized citizens of a particular country, permanent residents are entitled to study, live, work, and can even access the country’s healthcare system. Most countries require a foreigner to gain significant working experience, stay between 5-10 years or more, or speaking the host country’s language. 

What is Residency by Investment Program? 

What if I tell you there’s a short-cut to that? What is the residency by investment meaning? You can expedite and ease your residency application thanks to residency by investment program. This program will help you obtain a permanent residency card by investing directly in the host country’s economy. As long as you meet their required investment amount, you can expedite your permanent residency application and skip the lengthy traditional method. 

Perks of Availing Residency by Investment Programs 

Here are the awesome perks and benefits you can get from availing residency by investment programs: 


Obtaining a permanent residency is stable and secure. It means you’re free and legally able to engage in business or work in the country you’re staying in. It also serves as your insurance that you and your family will be protected should political or economic unrest occur. 

Global Mobility 

If you’re not a US, EU, or first-world country citizen, chances are, you’ll have a hard time travelling across the globe. It limits your business and leisure’s mobility. But not anymore if you have a permanent residency visa. You’re free to enter another country’s domain, engage in work, business, or leisure travel whenever you please. 

Business Autonomy 

Residency by investment also gives you autonomy and control to your business. Aside from operating a business in your host country, you’re also entitled to enjoy lower corporate taxes. This allows you to expand your business and accumulate more wealth in the long run. 


Once you become a permanent residency, you’re also entitled to migrate your spouse and family with you. You don’t have to endure being separated from your family anymore. You’re also able to secure their future by giving them access to premium healthcare, good education, awesome work opportunities, and improved lifestyle. 


Education is crucial to becoming a successful global citizen. Paired with hard work, the knowledge you obtained from studying will help you navigate in the real world. You can now give your children and your relatives the best education by enrolling them in the best, prestigious schools in your host country. 

Why Do Countries Offer Residency by Investment? 

According to studies, some countries offer residency by investment programs in an attempt to attract global investors. This direct investment will boost their economy. The government can also use these funds in investing in an economical or cultural project. Besides, you’ll likely reap your investment in the long-run since you get to enjoy all the government’s programs and benefits as a legal resident. 

Where to Avail Residency by Investment Programs?

Check out this list to know what countries offer residency by investment now! 

Check Out the Best Countries to Offer Residency Investment Programs!

We already know that some countries expedite the process of citizenship applications by investment. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of $$$ just to invest and make significant contributions to your dream destination country. Is there a slightly cheaper alternative to get a resident visa? Good thing these countries offer the best residency investment programs this year! 

Best Countries for Residency Investment Programs This 2020 


It’s a no brainer why everyone wants to move to Dubai. This city in the United Arab Emirate is bustling with wonderful economic opportunities and vibrant life. The government is also working on easing their process of company setup, free zone companies, and even residency investment programs to attract entrepreneurs and investors. 

If you’re interested, you need to invest a minimum of $272,000 to purchase a real estate property to obtain permanent residency and golden visa. Alternatively, you can also invest $20,000 in a business to become a resident in Dubai. 


If you want to stay in Montenegro, you need to invest at least $595,000 on properties to obtain permanent residency. Aside from that, the government is keen on giving citizenship to qualifying investors who contributed a significant impact to their economy or business. 


Another European country you should consider moving in is Spain. You can be eligible for residency investment programs if you spend at least $595,000 on a property. Successful applicants not only acquire a European residency permit; they’ll also have a chance to work and live in any EU country of their choice. 

Saint Lucia 

If you’re looking for another Caribbean endeavor, then Saint Lucia might just be the one you’re looking for. You only need to have a $300,000 property investment to be eligible for permanent residency. If you’re a little short, you may opt to donate $100,000 to Saint Lucia’s sovereign wealth fund to secure a permanent residency. The latter method also makes you eligible to secure a second passport. 


Spain’s neighbor also offers a nearly-identical residency investment program for foreigners. You’ll be entitled to permanent residency if you purchase a property with a minimum value of $595,000. You’ll also be eligible for full citizenship if you live in the country for at least six years. 


Greece is also pretty generous to non-EU citizens. You only need to invest around $300,000 to any property in the country to be eligible for residency. Any successful applicant will have the chance to live and work not just in Greece but in any EU country. You’re also qualified to apply for full citizenship if you reside at least 7 years or longer in Greece. 


Another European country that offers an expensive residency investment program in Switzerland. You need to invest a staggering $1.2 million either in business or property to acquire permanent residency. Aside from that, you’re required to stay for at least 12 years before you’re eligible for citizenship. All of it is worth it though since Switzerland always attracts billionaires all over the world. 


Cyprus is a little expensive since not only it is a European country, but it’s also a haven for investors. Cyprus requires investors to purchase an astounding 300,000-Euros property market value. Aside from that, you must purchase a new property approved by the government. Despite its tight ruling and a hefty amount of investment, many businessmen still invest in Cyprus to obtain an EU passport.  


Belgium’s residency investment program requires you to invest at least $416,000 on the property to have permanent resident status. Furthermore, you’ll become eligible for a Golden visa if you live in the country for more than five years. Then, you’ll also have a chance to apply for full citizenship.

Experts Recommend Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

While there’s certainly no place like home, we’ve also been dreaming of moving to another country. We dream of settling down and migrating to a beautiful place with our family and grow old there. However, we all know it’s difficult to obtain a resident visa, let alone, a citizenship status. Most of the time, you still need to wait for years to get granted. Is there an easy way to do this? Good thing citizenship by investment programs is here now! 

What is Citizenship by Investment? 

In an attempt to draw in more investors and immigrants, some countries took the initiative to ease their visa acquisition process. Dubai, for example, is giving out a Golden Visa card to attract more investors in engaging businesses in the Emirate. 

Check out the best citizenship by investment program and plan your next big move now!

It’s also the process of allowing businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain second citizenship; after they make significant contributions and investments to the country. Here are the best places to obtain citizenship by investment programs this 2020. 


If you’re aiming to obtain citizenship by investment in Cyprus, then we recommend you should invest in real estate. According to the country’s guidelines, you need to make at least spend an astounding 300,000 Euros on real estate properties. Not only that, but the properties you purchased or investment must also be new and should get approval from the government. 

Cyprus also allows you and your spouse to become the beneficial owners of the properties should the applicant desire to. Moreover, the time-in country requirement is only once every two years. After seven years of residency, you’re then eligible for naturalization. However, make sure to stay in the country for at least a year (full time) before applying for citizenship. Cyprus is pretty strict with this rule. However, you can then live in Cyprus indefinitely after obtaining citizenship. 


If you want a cheaper alternative, then heed on to Greece. For only 250,000 Euros, you’re already eligible for the Golden Visa program. What’s more? You can enjoy buying their stunning properties at an affordable price because most places in Greece are under-valued. This is due to the fact that Greece is still recovering from its 10-year debt crisis. You can also combine your properties’ purchase price to breach the 250,000-euro mark. 

Unlike Cyprus, Greece does not entitle you to render time-in country requirements. This means you can invest a real estate property in Greece, apply for a residency. Then, you can move into the Schengen Zone and settle there. You can do all of this without ever visiting Greece! Although they may require you to visit the country at least once to process your residency paperwork and permits. 


Meanwhile, Malta requires you at least make a 350,000-Euros property purchase to be eligible for residency and naturalization. Aside from that, they also require you to invest at least 150,000-euros in government bonds. If you’re into philanthropy, you need to donate at least 650,000 to the country’s National Development and Social Fund. If you have a spouse, you need to donate an additional 25,000. 

Aside from that, Malta also requires you to stay at least 6 months in the country while applying for naturalization. In less than 2 years, you can obtain citizenship by investment thanks to their fast track program. If you can’t afford it, then you can qualify for a 320,000-euros real estate purchase. Or, 270,000-euros if you purchase a property in Gozo island. You also need to invest 250,000 euros for Maltese government bonds and donations for only 30,000 euros.

You might wonder why investors still bother to move to Malta? Well, because the investment is worth it in the long-run. Most foreign investors enjoy the lowest 15% taxation. Aside from that, it’s easier to live here since one of its official languages is English. 


If you’re interested to obtain citizenship by investment in Latvia, then you need to purchase at least 250,000-euros of properties. Aside from that, you also need to pay a 5% application fee based on your real-estate price. The advantage though is that you only have to visit Latvia once a year to keep your residency status. If you want to obtain a second passport, though, you need to live in the country for a year before applying for naturalization.  It means you need to stay for at least 10 years before you obtain citizenship.

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