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While there’s certainly no place like home, we’ve also been dreaming of moving to another country. We dream of settling down and migrating to a beautiful place with our family and grow old there. However, we all know it’s difficult to obtain a resident visa, let alone, a citizenship status. Most of the time, you still need to wait for years to get granted. Is there an easy way to do this? Good thing citizenship by investment programs is here now! 

What is Citizenship by Investment? 

In an attempt to draw in more investors and immigrants, some countries took the initiative to ease their visa acquisition process. Dubai, for example, is giving out a Golden Visa card to attract more investors in engaging businesses in the Emirate. 

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It’s also the process of allowing businessmen, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain second citizenship; after they make significant contributions and investments to the country. Here are the best places to obtain citizenship by investment programs this 2020. 


If you’re aiming to obtain citizenship by investment in Cyprus, then we recommend you should invest in real estate. According to the country’s guidelines, you need to make at least spend an astounding 300,000 Euros on real estate properties. Not only that, but the properties you purchased or investment must also be new and should get approval from the government. 

Cyprus also allows you and your spouse to become the beneficial owners of the properties should the applicant desire to. Moreover, the time-in country requirement is only once every two years. After seven years of residency, you’re then eligible for naturalization. However, make sure to stay in the country for at least a year (full time) before applying for citizenship. Cyprus is pretty strict with this rule. However, you can then live in Cyprus indefinitely after obtaining citizenship. 


If you want a cheaper alternative, then heed on to Greece. For only 250,000 Euros, you’re already eligible for the Golden Visa program. What’s more? You can enjoy buying their stunning properties at an affordable price because most places in Greece are under-valued. This is due to the fact that Greece is still recovering from its 10-year debt crisis. You can also combine your properties’ purchase price to breach the 250,000-euro mark. 

Unlike Cyprus, Greece does not entitle you to render time-in country requirements. This means you can invest a real estate property in Greece, apply for a residency. Then, you can move into the Schengen Zone and settle there. You can do all of this without ever visiting Greece! Although they may require you to visit the country at least once to process your residency paperwork and permits. 


Meanwhile, Malta requires you at least make a 350,000-Euros property purchase to be eligible for residency and naturalization. Aside from that, they also require you to invest at least 150,000-euros in government bonds. If you’re into philanthropy, you need to donate at least 650,000 to the country’s National Development and Social Fund. If you have a spouse, you need to donate an additional 25,000. 

Aside from that, Malta also requires you to stay at least 6 months in the country while applying for naturalization. In less than 2 years, you can obtain citizenship by investment thanks to their fast track program. If you can’t afford it, then you can qualify for a 320,000-euros real estate purchase. Or, 270,000-euros if you purchase a property in Gozo island. You also need to invest 250,000 euros for Maltese government bonds and donations for only 30,000 euros.

You might wonder why investors still bother to move to Malta? Well, because the investment is worth it in the long-run. Most foreign investors enjoy the lowest 15% taxation. Aside from that, it’s easier to live here since one of its official languages is English. 


If you’re interested to obtain citizenship by investment in Latvia, then you need to purchase at least 250,000-euros of properties. Aside from that, you also need to pay a 5% application fee based on your real-estate price. The advantage though is that you only have to visit Latvia once a year to keep your residency status. If you want to obtain a second passport, though, you need to live in the country for a year before applying for naturalization.  It means you need to stay for at least 10 years before you obtain citizenship.

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