Antigua and Barbuda: Prime Destination for Citizenship by Investment

Do you have plans to move and settle in the Caribbean? Its tropical climate, luscious greenery forest, and beautiful white beaches serve as great factors for immigration. But more than the vibrant and relaxing lifestyle you’ll experience, most investors choose this region due to their economic potential. It also offers easy access to gain residency and citizenship by investment visas to businessmen. 

Antigua and Barbuda, in particular, offers an easier way to get avail citizenship by investment to foreign investors. This efficient program proves to be successful as it drove thousands of applications! Moreover,  the country recently issued astounding 4,157-second passports to foreign investors! How did this happen? Let’s read and find out. 

Citizenship by Investment Data 

According to Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit’s annual report, they just issued a total of 4,157 passports as of 2019. The unit also expects to break all previous records they had in their immigration history. Furthermore, the government reveals they’re hopeful the increasing trend will continue this year 2020. 

The unit reveals they receive an average of 40 applications per month. 

Since mid-2019, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment unit received a total of 2,188 applications from foreign investors all over the world; with 241 applications from January-June 2019. Under the investment scheme, the unit was able to grant 4,157 passports to different nationalities. Most applicants also chose the NDF Donation option in their applications.  

The Citizenship by Investment Breakdown 

Out of 2,188 applications, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment reveals 78.5% of applicants were granted under the NDF category. Meanwhile, 12% of the investors chose to apply for citizenship by investing through real estate. Only 9% of investors applied for business.  

Average Passport Granted Data Per Year 

Based on last year’s magnificent results, the Antigua Citizenship by Investment is positive they’ll double their numbers this year. The unit reveals the year 2019 was the year they yielded one of the highest numbers of applications and approved visas and passports. Since its launch in 2014, the country only granted 252 passports in the same year. 

The year after, it increased up to 655. Antigua got its (former) highest spike in 2016 with 1016 passports granted. However, it plummeted to 697 in 2017. The year after, it lowered to 644. Finally, it rose to 893 in 2019. All in all, Antigua and Barbuda granted a total of 4,157 passports so far.  

Top Countries to Avail Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Scheme 

Like Australia (link to Australian article), Antigua and Barbuda’s top investors also came from China with 792 applicants. They constitute 36% of the applicants. Russia comes in next with 142 (6.5%). The Third in line is surprisingly Syria with 122 (5.5%) applicants. Landing on the fourth spot is Bangladesh with 106 investors granted with passports.  

On the fifth spot is Lebanon with 96 applicants. Landing on the last five spots for the top ten countries include Libya with 84 investors granted passports. Next is Nigeria with 60. Pakistan with 61 granted passports. The United States with only 51. Lastly, the United Kingdom with only 33.


There’s no doubt that Antigua and Barbuda offer lax policies and vast potentials for both local and foreign investors. That’s why we think it’s one of the perfect places if you want to start invading the Caribbean market. Want to know how to apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment and get your dream passport? We can assist you with that!

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