Check Out the Best European Countries to Obtain Citizenship!

There’s no doubt that all of us dream of living and acquiring citizenship in Europe. Its landlocked continent makes it easier for us to hop and visit from one country to another. Hence, the European Union offers a Schenegen visa for foreigners. Aside from that, Europe offers a high-standard of education, healthcare, and lifestyle. 

Its stable economy also attracts huge business potentials too. How can we obtain citizenship in a European country? What are the best European countries to apply for citizenship by investment? This study shows the best EU places to obtain citizenship. 

The Study 

According to International Citizenship Index (ICI), they’ve conducted a study to determine the best European countries which offer citizenship by investment. They based their study on a lot of factors like education, healthcare, freedom of movement, civil and political rights, equality, judiciary acts and ranked them. The ICI also reiterates the results states that most European countries in their top 10 list support equal marriage. It also offers top-notch political democracy, education, and healthcare. 

Best European Countries to Offer Citizenship 


One of the main reasons why investors invest is that it’s mainly an English-speaking country. This makes it easier for them to put up a business and communicate with the locals. Iceland also has a stable economy and high-purchasing power. Due to their strong economy, you might struggle a bit due to their high cost of living. However, it becomes beneficial for you in the long run. 


Aside from Cyprus’ Golden visa that lets you obtain citizenship by investment, this European country’s pristine location and booming economy make it a popular business hub spot. It also has state of the art transport system, making it easier for you to travel across the country. Not only that, but living in Cyprus makes it easier for you to invade the European, Asian, and African markets. You can learn more about Cyprus’ citizenship by investment program here.


Known as one of the best countries in the world, it’s no wonder why investors want to have Swedish citizenship. Aside from being a member of the EU, it also has access to the Nordic market. As a Scandinavian country, Sweden is an ideal location to access Northern Europe’s highly innovative market and economy. It also provides one of the best healthcare, education, and lifestyle in the world. 


Another Scandinavian country, Denmark has one of the best economies in the world. Denmark supports free trade, making it easier for businessmen to set up their companies here. You can also have access to large natural resources and its state of the art infrastructure. Aside from that, Denmark provides top-notch social welfare services and healthcare. You and your family will have access to a high standard of education and lifestyle here. Denmark also promotes equality for everyone. 


Aside from the Netherlands’ strong economic ties, most investors want to obtain citizenship due to its high standard of living. Unlike any other country, the Netherlands seeks a balance between progress and conserving the environment. It now produces 3D Printed houses and promotes bikes as the main source of transportation. The government has a goal to cut carbon emissions by 95%. Moreover, Dutch stocks are one of the best performing stock markets in the world. 


Another Scandinavian country, Norway enjoys a highly-stable and powerful economy in the world. It’s also rich in natural resources like oil, forests, gas, hydropower, and marine life. It also promotes ease of doing business to attract more foreign investments. Since it’s a member of the European Union, you’re also granted access to most countries all over the world thanks to its powerful passport.   

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