Stunning Reasons Why It’s Best to Get Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Are you planning to move to the Caribbean? You might want to check out Dominica citizenship by investment. This Caribbean country is a paradise for foreign investors. Not only it’s brewing with economic opportunities, but it lets you enjoy life as if you’re in a getaway. Aside from that, you and your family get to enjoy premium social services and privileges as a citizen too. Here are the stunning reasons why it’s beneficial to get a second passport in Dominica.

Stunning Reasons to Get Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Faster Turnaround Application Time

Dominica citizenship by investment program takes pride in having a faster turnaround time. Unlike in other countries where it requires a rigorous process to get citizenship, Dominica isn’t. You only have to meet its minimum investment threshold without a country locked-in requirement.

dominica citizenship by investment

This means you don’t have to spend years residing in the country before you get eligible for citizenship. This is beneficial for investors who don’t have the luxury to travel and live in a country before engaging in business. You’ll be eligible for a citizenship program and your application can get approved as fast as two months. In two months’ time, you’ll be able to get a second passport and enjoy other perks as a Dominican citizen!

A Tax Haven

Another stunning reason why foreign investors love to get Dominica citizenship by investment is taxation. Dominican citizens enjoy no personal income tax, wealth, foreign income, gift, inheritance, and capital gain taxes.

This helps investors accumulate their wealth in the long-term and divert their funds to business and other important projects they have. Aside from that, Dominica also signed double taxation treaties with CARICOM countries and the USA.

Great Business Incentives

Aside from the tax incentives above, Dominica is also generous in giving business incentive packages to business owners. Business owners and investors enjoy corporate tax incentives, full import duties, export allowance, and tax relief exemptions. There’s also no restriction on imported capital and the repatriation of profits in Dominica.

Access to Travel Everywhere

As if these incentives aren’t enough, Dominica citizenship by investment also grants visa-free travel access to its citizens. Wielding a Dominican passport grants you a privilege to travel to over 100+ countries without worrying about visa anymore.

This gives you international mobility to travel freely as you engage in business. It lets you expand your professional network in every part of the globe. This also means you and your family are free to go for a travel getaway whenever you please.

Affordable and Lifetime Citizenship

Another reason why it’s ideal to get Dominica citizenship by investment is its affordability. For only $100,000, you can now avail of Dominican citizenship. Furthermore, the second passport is valid for ten years. You can come and go as your pleases and travel anywhere in the world. Dominican citizenship also lasts for a lifetime and can be passed on to your children and future generation.

Access to Premium Social Services

Your family will also have a great time living in this country after obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment. Aside from Dominica’s tropical weather with luscious evergreen forests and white-sandy beaches, your family will also have access to premium services

This includes having access to premium education, excellent healthcare services, and equal employment opportunities. In Dominica, you don’t have to have an educational requirement or managerial experience to get entry-level jobs. This means you’re guaranteed to find and land a job after graduating.

Want to reap these stunning benefits for you and your family? Check out Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program now! Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity to move and live in a better country.

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