Reap this Turkish Citizenship by Investment Benefits Right Now!

Planning to move to Turkey and live there? You might be thinking if it’s worth it to invest there. To help with your decision-making, our immigration experts give these stunning reasons why you should invest in Turkey. You can reap this Turkish citizenship by investment benefits right now!

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Benefits

No Required Minimum Residency

turkish citizenship by investment benefits

Unlike other countries, Turkey doesn’t require its ex-pats to live in the country before applying for citizenship. This means you don’t need to spend a couple of years living in Turkey and get a resident visa; before becoming eligible for citizenship. This saves you more time and money in the long-run. This perk in Turkey citizenship by investment benefits attract millions of investors worldwide.

No Age or Education Requirement

Another Turkish citizenship by investment benefits is that there’s no age or educational attainment requirement. This means you can apply for citizenship as an adult even if you’re not a degree holder. The government of Turkey gives equal opportunities to all foreign investors. Furthermore, you can petition for your parents, grandparents, or children to bring with you to Turkey.

Since there’s no age requirement, you can bring your family with you and petition them for citizenship too. Most foreign investors choose Turkey since it’s easier to bring their family with them and offer them a better quality of life and future.

Visa-Free Travel

Another notable Turkish citizenship by investment benefits investors enjoy is access to travel. A Turkish passport gives you access to travel to over 90+ countries worldwide. Not only that, but Turkey’s strategic location makes it easier for you to travel across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Furthermore, it’s easier for you to establish your business and invade these three powerful markets and economies.

Beautiful Climate and Terrains

Due to Turkey’s location, the country experiences a mild climate that is perfect for you. You can enjoy hot and dry summer that is perfect to hit the white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Its winter season isn’t harsh compared to other countries in Northern Europe. Turkey only experiences mild to cool wet winters. Furthermore, Turkey offers beautiful terrains and beach landscapes; a perfect getaway after a long day of work.

High Turkish Passport Index

Studies reveal Turkey is the top 30 most powerful passport index in the world. This Turkish citizenship by investment benefits gives you the authority to travel internationally without a visa. This proves Turkey is a powerful country and its economic environment is also stable and going strong.

Citizenship For Life

Another great Turkish citizenship by investment benefits the ex-pats enjoy is its life-long citizenship. This means once you’re being granted citizenship status, it’ll be permanent for life. Aside from that, your citizenship can be passed down to the next generations. There’ll be no need to apply for your heirs or offsprings’ citizenship. You’ll be able to give a better future for your children and grandchildren here in Turkey.

Passport Renewable for 10 years

Turkish passports also have a longer lifespan compared to other countries. As soon as you get your second passport, you can enjoy using it for about a decade! You can renew your Turkish passport along with your Turkey Identity Card.

Access to Premium Social Services

Another notable Turkish citizenship by investment is its premium social services. You and your family are now entitled to free medical assistance, pension schemes, education (with university reimbursement), and plans. You can now enjoy these state-of-the-art services to make sure you and your family are well taken care of.

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