Check Out Citizenship By Investment Trends Right Now!

Want to take this opportunity to move to another country? You must be starting on working your requirements right now. You find yourself checking out which countries offer the best citizenship by investment program depending on your needs. To determine what country works for you, check out the latest citizenship by investment trends right now!

Latest Citizenship by Investment Trends


Grenada offers a promising CIP program with the best value. You can petition your family along with your application for naturalization. Its citizenship status lasts for a lifetime. Furthermore, there’s no residency requirement during the application. So you can be anywhere in Europe while applying and waiting for your application. You can learn more about Grenada citizenship by investment trends.


The next country in the line of citizenship by investment trends is Hungary. Hungary allows dual citizenship, making it easier for you to obtain perks without losing your nationality. Hungary has been giving out thousands of second passports and citizenship to foreigners for the past few years.

citizenship by investment trends

In fact, the country surprised the world when it had one consulate in Serbia that had more than 50 full-time staff processing their Hungarian citizenship. The said consulate also approved an astounding 100 new Hungarian citizens every day!


Meanwhile, the government of Denmark had passed a law in 2015 allowing dual citizenship. This allows many foreign investors to finally live and acquire Danish passports. They can finally do business and enjoy its privileges.


Meanwhile, Malta’s citizenship by investment trends is quite stricter. Before becoming eligible for citizenship, you must obtain a resident status first. While the residency can be quite a hassle, citizenship is where the magic lies.

Why? It’s because the moment you get your resident visa, you only need to wait one more year to apply for citizenship! Malta offers one of the world’s fastest citizenship processes! You can learn more about Malta’s Citizenship by Investment here.


Cyprus also follows the same citizenship by investment trends like Malta. Prior to citizenship, you must become a resident in Cyprus for 7 years first. Then, you should invest at least 300,000 Euros in government-approved real estate properties.

The good part, though? You’re eligible to travel in over 100+ countries without a visa thanks to your Cypriot passport. You’re free to travel and engage in business in any part of the European Union. You can learn more about Cyprus citizenship by investment.


Greece trends in our citizenship by investment trends because of its cheaper program. You can apply for citizenship after purchasing a real estate property worth 250,000 Euros. If not, you can also purchase various real estate properties and accumulate its values to breach the 250,000 Euros mark.

Greece doesn’t require their applicants to stay in the country. So, you’re free to go and live anywhere in Europe. You only need to visit Greece twice, either for submitting your application and getting permits.

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