Reap these Awesome Grenada Citizenship by Investment Benefits

Planning to move and live in Grenada? This beautiful Caribbean country is brewing with famous coastal towns and white sandy beaches. Its vibrant lifestyle and booming economy make it an ideal place for investors. That’s why many are asking if they obtain a second passport, what are the Grenada citizenship by investment benefits?

What’s in it for them? Let’s read and find out.

Awesome Grenada Citizenship by Investment Benefits

Faster Application

One major Grenada citizenship by investment benefits you get is a faster application process. If anything, Grenada is one that has the fastest application process in the world. If you want to skip the lengthy process of obtaining a second passport, this country is your perfect choice.

grenada citizenship by investment benefits

If you'll invest in real estate, you can have your application approved within 60 days. Your new, second passport will then come to you shortly. Then, you can enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the country like that of a bonafide citizen.

No Residency Requirement

Another major Grenada citizenship by investment benefits most investors enjoy is the no residency requirement. This means you’re free to come and go anywhere in the world as you please and do your business. You don’t even have to reside or visit Grenada while processing your application. This lets you save more money and time since you don’t have to purchase a property and stay here if you want.

Permanent Lifetime Citizenship

Another major Grenada citizenship by investment benefits ex-pats enjoy is lifetime citizenship. When you acquire Grenadian citizenship, it's yours for life. This means you're fully protected should there be changes in the economy, politics, or policy structures. Your rights and privileges are all protected by the government for many years to come.

Grenada Supports Dual Citizenship

Unlike other countries, Grenada supports dual citizenship. This makes it easier for you to obtain a second passport without sacrificing your native nationality. Grenada won’t even inform your native homeland of your new citizenship. This allows you to build your portfolio while protecting your privacy.

Grenada Supports Family Citizenship Too

Grenada’s swift citizenship application process extends to your family members too. You can add your family members to your citizenship application process for a nominal additional fee. You can include children under 25 or dependents over 65 if you want to add your parents and grandparents too. The total investment can bring out four family members of a single applicant.

Cost-Effective Investment

Another major Grenada citizenship by investment benefits is the high return of investment. The initial real estate investment cost might be expensive, but it's cost-effective in the long run. Why? It's because Grenada’s tourism and economy is booming. This means there’s a surge of demand in short-term and long-term accommodations and stay.

You can sell your real estate properties (with higher interest or inflation rates) later. If not, you can transform it into an Airbnb or rental accommodation to have a steady income every month. You only need to hold out your investment for the first three years before you can get your ROI.

Unlock the Commonwealth

Availing Grenada citizenship by investment benefits entitle you to become a Commonwealth citizen. This means you can travel freely in over 52 Commonwealth-member nations. Aside from that, you can travel to the world's top destinations like the UK, Republic of China Australia, Singapore, and the Schengen area.

You’re also entitled to apply for the much-coveted American E-2 investor visa. As a Grenadian citizen, you’re entitled to live and work in the United States if you meet the minimum investment requirement.

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