The Best Places to Purchase Cyprus Real Estate Properties!

Want to move to Europe and gain a citizenship status? You might want to try Cyprus. Cyprus offers great benefits and privileges to its citizens; making it an ideal country to move in for investors. However, you need to purchase a Cyprus real estate property to be eligible for application. Here are the best places to invest in properties in Cyprus.

The Best Places to Purchase Cyprus Real Estate Properties


Larnaca is a city with affordable Cyprus real estate properties. The city is full of business opportunities and home to some of the most prestigious international companies in the world. Larnaca's strategic location offers a unique view of the cityscape and unique neighborhoods.

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You can choose to live in the city business district or in beautiful seafront promenades like Finikoudes and Mackenzie. The locals, ex-pats, and tourists can enjoy yachting and other popular water sports here. You can also see the iconic Zenobia shipwreck. Larnaca also offers iconic landmarks like the Salt Lake, and Mosque Umm Haram that attracts millions of visitors in the city.


Another recommended place to purchase Cyprus real estate properties in Limassol. Although it’s expensive to move in here, many ex-pats still settle here. This is because Limassol is brewing with vast economic and business potentials. There are large real estate project developments in the city including skyscrapers, large-scale resort complexes, and cozy villas.

If you’re looking for fancy properties and live in a bustling city, Limassol is for you. Limassol also offers office spaces, apartments, and condos for foreign investors. An astounding 240,000 ex-pats live here because they enjoy favorable tax conditions and business policies.


If you prefer to move and buy Cyprus real estate in the financial and international business center in the country, then go to Nicosia. Nicosia is one of the financial and business capital cities in Cyprus. What makes this city attractive to foreign investors is its Turkish-Greek heritage. The city's scenic views make it a popular Mediterranean destination. Many ex-pats also settle here because of its affordable real estate properties.


In the southwest of Cyprus, there's a growing ex-pat community in Paphos island. The city is divided between uptown and downtown Paphos that is recognized as the island jewel for green spaces. Paphos takes pride in having a flourishing hospitality and tourism industries.

Its cultural and natural value makes it a popular tourist destination spot. Aside from that, many ex-pats move here due to its affordable Cyprus real estate. For only 300 Euros, you can rent a decent apartment already. Paphos is also a peaceful city to live in with your family since its crime rate is low to non-existent.


On the east coast of Cyprus, Famagusta boasts with 42,000 residents on the island. It offers a strong Cyprus real estate business since its main industries are construction, industrial production, and tourism. Famagusta has the Ayia Anapa Marina project that can house 600 yachts.

It also plans to build two stylish towers that offer a scenic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Cyprus skyline. You can purchase penthouse apartments here. Want some villas? You can also choose among the 30 luxurious villas around the marina. You can choose between Beach villas, island villas, and peninsula villas.

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