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Citizenship and Residency by Investment Frequently Asked Questions

Citizenship and Residency by Investment Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled these frequently asked questions by our valued clients about citizenship and residency by investment requirements.

Residency by investment programs refer to acquiring a residence status or visa to your intended country destination. Aside from investing a required amount to the State, you’re also required to live in your host country at a specified amount of time. You can have access to the host country’s healthcare, education, and even pension system. However, you’re not allowed to avail other privileges such as voting in elections like that of its bonafide citizens. 

Citizenship by investment programs, on the other hand, refers to acquiring a citizenship, second nationality, or second passport status to your host country. This means you’re not only getting all the privileges a resident visa holder has, but you’re also treated like a bonafide citizen. You can participate in elections, obtain their passports and have the privilege to travel the world. For example, you can travel to over 138 countries visa-free if you have a Cyprus passport!

Currently, our company offers assistance for citizenship by investment programs in over six countries. Here at CRP World, we will guide you not only in the application process of obtaining citizenship. We also walk you through these different countries, highlight their features, and different requirements to determine the best citizenship or residency program suited for you. You can check out our citizenship by investment countries. Meanwhile, here are our residency by investment programs.

Of course, it is! All of these countries hosted by CRP World have government provisions and programs that grants citizenship in return for a lump sum of money through investment. Your invested amount will then be used to contribute to the State’s economy, business, real estate, culture, and other interests. These CIP programs give you the opportunity to acquire a new nationality or second passport legally. This is also the easier and shorter path to gain citizenship without creating a major disruption to your life.

Absolutely! CRP World is an authorized representative that has extensive knowledge base in citizenship and residency programs. Moreover, we have a diverse network of trusted partners to ensure you’ll have a smooth application process. We also ensure high-quality and best performance rate of approval to boost our clientele’ confidence in transacting with us.

CRP World takes pride in offering a reasonable cost range of professional service fees compared to our competitors. Our costs typically vary depending on the program and type of service you require. It also depends on which country you’re applying to. You can contact us for thorough discussions and inquiries so that we can give a personalized evaluation cost according to your needs.  

Each country has a different timeframe for the application process. But based on our experience, the typical time frame usually falls between 3-6 months. Meanwhile, the actual processing fee and time frame are usually determined by the respective host Government. There are also instances where the Government offers extra fees to expedite your application process. However, do note that paying the expedition fee does not guarantee nor increase your chances of approval. 

In Citizenship by Investment programs typically won’t require you to live in your host country either before, during, or after your application process. Some may require you to at least visit your host country for a specified number of days. 

Meanwhile, the residency by investment programs typically require you to live at least 6 months to acquire a resident visa. Some may even require you to live from 5-10 years to upgrade your residence visa to citizenship. In this case, you’ll also be eligible to obtain a second passport. It’s imperative that you check each country’s program to determine its specific requirements before applying.

Your children, spouse, parents, and other first-degree blood connections can also apply for citizenship. However, you need to check your host country’s age requirement to determine their dependent status. 

The most obvious reason to deny your application is if you’d omit crucial information or commit perjury on it. If not, you’ll also get denied if you’re involved in a serious crime like terrorism and money laundering while staying in your host country.

Your invested amount will only be refunded once the Government approved your petition. Oftentimes, a government will require you to invest in real estate before you submit your application. In case of rejection, it will be refunded to your bank account. Meanwhile, the due diligence fees are not refundable. 

Have some other questions not entertained here? Please contact us so that we can attend to your queries.

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