Compelling Reasons to Have a Second Passport by Investment this 2020!

We’ve barely started the first quarter of 2020 and we already heard significant news all over the world. The tension in the Middle East is soaring, bushfires in Australia, volcanic eruptions, an impending health crisis outbreak, among other things. These uncertainties put a stake not only on you but your family’s future too. Is there a way to secure your future in the host country you’re staying in? Good thing you can avail of a second passport by investment! 

Why Do You Need to Obtain a Second Passport by Investment? 

To simply put, obtaining a second passport means getting citizenship in your host country. After becoming a permanent resident, you can avail citizenship and get a second passport which entitles you for more benefits and privileges in your chosen country. However, it’ll probably take at least a decade if you’re going the traditional path. 

Hence, we recommend businessmen to avail of a second passport by investment this 2020! By becoming a citizen, you can protect your family and business’ future against economic or political unrest (like what happened in Hong Kong). Here are other stunning benefits you can get from obtaining a second passport by investment. 

Higher Investment Returns 

You might think investing a hefty amount to obtain a second passport is risky, but it’s actually beneficial for you in the long run. Not only you get to stay, but you can also work and earn money in your chosen country. 

This means you can extend your business operation overseas! You’ll also have economical access to booming countries like Dubai in the UAE. Cyprus, etc. You can also take advantage of these countries’ thriving industries, tourism, and vibrant lifestyle. 

Greater Opportunities 

Another compelling reason why investors choose to avail a second passport by investment is that you get to unlock greater opportunities along with it. You can set up a business in your host country. And since you’re already a citizen, you can form a partnership with big investors overseas. Not only that, but the privilege you enjoy today will also be carried on by your dependents. This means you can migrate your family and children with you. You and your family will then have access to a top-notch education, healthcare, and social services. 

Ease of Travel 

Obtaining a second passport by investment, especially in the Schengen zone, is beneficial for most investors. You don’t have to waste money, time, and effort in paperwork and obtaining necessary requirements just to apply for a visa anymore. It means you’re free to travel to any European country whenever you want; either for business, work, or leisure purposes. The best part? You get to live in any country you want if you get a second passport by investment too! 

Serves as a Backup Plan 

While there’s no place like home, it doesn’t hurt if you’re prepared to have the best future for you and your family. If your homeland is in a crisis, you always have the option to relocate. Thanks to your second passport by investment, you can migrate to any country you want and bring your family with you.  

What Countries offer the Second Passport by Investment? 

Some of the countries we recommend you get a second passport by investment are Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, and Sta. Lucia. These countries have a booming economy, thriving real estate and tourism industry. Moreover, you can also apply for a Shenegen country to gain access to Europe. 

Talk to Specialist 

Don’t know where to start or how to apply for a second passport by investment? We got you covered! Talk to our specialist now to plan your next big move! We cover Citizenship Programs and Residency Programs depending on your needs.

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