Compelling Reasons Why Avail Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Want to move to the Caribbean? Do you want to retire in a place with vibrant beaches, a relaxing lifestyle, and a beautiful country? Heed no more to Dominica! Obtaining a passport in Dominica comes with great benefits! Here are the compelling reasons why avail Dominica citizenship by investment.

Why Avail Dominica Citizenship by Investment: The Benefits

Right to Travel Internationally

why avail dominica citizenship by investment

The main reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment is to gain visa-free travel access. Dominica’s passport will give you the privilege to travel over 140 countries without securing a visa! This means you can freely travel to the United States, European Union, Asia, and Oceania whenever you please. Investors can freely enjoy this benefit for their business or leisure purposes.

Pass On Your Citizenship

Another reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment is its ability to pass on citizenship status. It means you can petition for your family and relatives’ citizenship. Not only that, but you can also pass on your citizenship status to your offsprings and grandchildren. This benefit makes it appealing for investors since citizenship is a great long-term investment for them. You’ll also give your offsprings and bloodline a better future.

Obtain Dual Citizenship

Another reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment is the right to obtain dual citizenship. Applying for a Dominican passport will not negate your native nationality. This means you can enjoy having dual citizenship and availing the benefits of your native and host country. You and your family can also freely go and come back to your native country whenever you wish. Moreover, there’s no need to reside or stay in the country just to keep your citizenship.

Tax Advantage

One major benefit most investors and ex-pats enjoy in Dominica are the tax advantages. Dominican passport holders are not entitled to pay for capital gains taxes, foreign income taxes, gift and inheritance, and wealth taxes. You only need to pay for personal income taxes if you choose to stay in the country. Most businessmen and investors reveal the tax benefit is the reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment.

Affordable and Stable

Another reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment is its affordability. Dominica offers the cheapest citizenship by investment compared to other Caribbean countries. Moreover, the citizenship status gives you the security that you and your family will be living in a peaceful and stable country. The economy and political structure of Dominica is going strong and stable.

Access to Education, Healthcare, and Employment Services

Dominica offers access to premium education and healthcare services for you and your family. You can give the best quality of education to your children so that they can pursue their dreams in life. The government also provides premium healthcare services and insurances to ex-pats too. Moreover, it’s easier to find a stable job here in Dominica than in other countries.

Why? It’s because Dominica doesn’t require educational attainment or management experience requirements in most jobs. Dominican employers don’t discriminate and they give equal opportunities to all residents.

Affordable and Vibrant Lifestyle

Last, but not the least, the reason why avail Dominica citizenship by investment is its affordable and vibrant lifestyle. The cost of living in Dominica is quite cheaper compared to other major cities in the world. This helps investors divert their funds more into growing their business while living a comfortable life.

The country also offers natural scenic views of evergreen mountains, pristine white beaches that you’ll surely enjoy! You and your family will have a great time living in this paradise!

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