Reap the Awesome Benefits of St. Lucia Citizenship Now!

Want to move to the Caribbean amidst COVID-19? You might want to consider St. Lucia. This beautiful Caribbean country is known for scuba diving and pointed mountains. Make sure to reap these awesome benefits of St Lucia citizenship by investment now!

Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship

Visa-Free Travel Access

One major benefit of St Lucia citizenship is visa-free travel access. Obtaining a St. Lucia passport enables you to travel in over 120 countries without restrictions. The passport is powerful enough to offer visa-free or visa-on-arrival internationally! What's more? It also supports dual citizenship.

benefits of st. lucia citizenship

Having a St. Lucian passport enables you to travel to China, EU-Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, and others. You can now travel anywhere and go as you please without the hassle of visa applications.

Citizenship Perks

Other benefits of St Lucia citizenship you can obtain are the same rights and privileges of ex-pats. This means you can participate in corporate or voting endeavors like that of a bonafide citizen. You can also engage or do business without the need for a license. Finally, you can stay or live outside the country. You can move to other OECS-member, or CARICOM-member countries while having St. Lucian citizenship.

Enjoy Tax and Financial Incentives

The tax and financial incentives benefits of St Lucia citizenship attract foreign investors as well. Ex-pats can enjoy no capital gains tax, lower-income, and corporate taxes. Most of all, your income won't be subjected to taxation from anywhere in the world for 183 days since obtaining your citizenship. This gives you ample time to save money and build your wealth as you move to the country. You also don't have to pay any estate or inheritance taxes.

Stable Economic and Political Climate

You also don't have to worry about changing or opening bank accounts in St. Lucia. This country is home to many international banks, making it easier for ex-pats and retirees to access their funds. Moreover, its stable economic and political climate make St. Lucia perfect for investing. There's also a telecom hub in Castries.

Invest in Government Bonds

Another unique benefit of St Lucia citizenship you cannot find in others is the access to government bonds investments. If you’re a conservative investor who prefers to invest in bonds, St. Lucia is the perfect country to live in. You don’t need to risk investing a large amount of money just to get citizenship.

Strategic Location

Other major benefits of St Lucia citizenship are its strategic location. St. Lucia is near international airports that have access to flights in major American states. Moreover, it's located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, you'll also have easy access to Central and South America.

If you want to take a break from hiking trails or hitting the beach, you can book for weekend trips in North or Latin America. Not only that, but St. Lucia also has convenient access to European and Asian flights as well!

Laid-back and Relaxing Lifestyle

Most of all, St. Lucia only has around 200,000 people living in the country. This means you can live a relatively peaceful and relaxing life here compared to other parts of the world. The country isn’t bustling with crowds.

You can bask in St. Lucia’s natural sceneries, especially its beaches and mountains. If you want to leave the grind of cityscapes, St. Lucia is perfect for you. Moreover, the cost of living here is more affordable compared to other countries. You’ll never have a hard time adapting to St. Lucia’s way of life.

Eager to get a St. Lucian passport and start moving in this beautiful Caribbean country? Contact our professional immigration experts to apply for St. Lucia citizenship by investment now!

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