Stunning Benefits of Golden Visa Greece Investment

Want to move to Greece? You might be dreaming of moving and settling in a European country before. But now that you have the money and means, you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to invest in Greece. If you haven’t already, here are the stunning benefits you can get from golden visa Greece investment! Check it out!

Stunning Benefits You’ll Get From Golden Visa Greece Investment

Visa-Free Travel

The first reason why most investors invest in Greece is visa-free travel. Since Greece is part of the European Union, you’re entitled to travel any part of Europe without availing a visa. You only need to have a residency golden visa Greece investment to travel in the Schengen area freely.

golden visa greece investment

This perk makes it ideal for investors who travel frequently in the European region. It’ll save them the hassle of hopping from one European country to another for business or leisure purposes. Moreover, it will let you save more money in the long run since you can ditch out the lengthy visa application process.

No Lock-in Residency Requirement

Another perk you can get from having a golden visa Greece investment is the no lock-in requirement. You don’t have to spend a few years living in Greece just to get a residency visa. Moreover, you’re not required to live in Greece just to retain your resident visa status. The visa will give you the freedom to live in another European country (if you wish) or travel the world and stay in different places if you want. You only need to go to Greece at least twice, one for application, and to get your visa.

Short Processing Time

Another perk you can get from the golden visa Greece investment is the shorter processing time. In Greece, you can get your residency permit within 30-60 days after application! As long as you comply with all requirements, your application should be a breeze. You’ll start reaping all of Greece’s residency perks in no time!

No Expiry Date

Unlike other resident visas where you need to renew it every 5 or 10 years, the golden visa Greece investment is unlimited. This means once you get a residence permit, it’s already valid for a lifetime. The no-expiry date feature makes it appealing for investors since they see the golden visa Greece investment as worthy in the long-term. They can enjoy traveling or living out of the country, access to Greece’s social services for a lifetime. If anything, it gives them a stable future when they become residents in Greece.

Make a Passive Income with Real Estate Investments

In any case, you decide to live in another country, you can still put your real estate investment into good use. You can convert it to rental accommodation and have it listed in Airbnb. You can also choose whether to accept short-term or long-term rentals. In this way, you can still build a passive income and earn money in the process. You might end up getting your ROI on real estate through this.

Opportunity to Bring Family With You

Aside from you, another great golden visa Greece investment perk you can get is having the opportunity to bring your family with you. You can also petition for your parents, children (under 21 years old), and spouse’s residency in Greece. You can give a great future to you and your family when you move to Greece.

Eligible for Citizenship

If you decide to live and reside in Greece, then we’ve got some good news for you! If you and your family continue to stay in Greece for seven years, you can apply for citizenship. You can level up your status and access other Greece’s perks as a full-fledged citizen.

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