How to Avail Golden Visa Greece Real Estate Residency Program

Want to move to Greece and obtain a residency visa but want to skip the lengthy process? Then you’re in luck! The government now offers the Golden Visa Greece real estate residency program. This type of visa allows you to obtain residency through investment. Here’s everything you should know about Greece residency by investment.

What is Golden Visa Greece Real Estate?

Enterprise Greece launched the Golden Visa Greece Real Estate program in 2013. The program aims to offer five-year resident visas in exchange for real estate investment. The applicant's family (with children up to age 21) is also eligible for the said residence visa. What makes Greece's golden visa great is that it doesn’t require you to reside in the country. The visa is also renewable every five years.

Eligibility Options

golden visa greece real estate

To become eligible for the Golden Visa Greece Real Estate program, you must make a minimum of €250.000 investment. The employment rights may vary depending on the type of permit granted. Here are other residency by investment options you can avail to obtain Greek golden visa:

At least 10 years of lease agreements for furnished tourist residences or hotel accommodations.

  • €400,000 minimum investment for Greek government bonds. It must be kept for three years.
  • €400,000 real estate bonds or shares investments.
  • €400,000 bonds and shares investment in the Greek Stock Market.
  • €400,000 in bank deposits.
  • €800,000 corporate or government bonds investments.
  • €400,000 mutual funds investment in the Greek estate market.
  • €400,000 alternative investment fund for Greek real estate market.

The Golden Visa Greece Real Estate Application Process

Here is the application process to obtain a golden visa Greek real estate residency permit. Firstly, the applicant must submit the application entry visa to the Greek embassy of their country's origin. Along with these are the necessary documents you need to procure for your application.

Then, you can submit the documents to the Alien and Immigration Department at Decentralized Authority where your potential property to invest is located. You must submit your residency visa application before your entry visa expires. Finally, you can now undertake legal acts and transactions with authorized authorities to make your investments.

Benefits of Obtaining Golden Visa Greece Real Estate

Now that you know the process of obtaining a golden visa Greece real estate residency, what’s in it for you? Here are the benefits you can get and enjoy from having Greek Golden Visa:

  • Visa-free travel in all Schengen countries. This means you can freely travel all-over Europe and visit other countries without the hassle of applying for a visa. This golden visa Greece real estate perk is beneficial if you plan to expand your business in Europe. You can now keep up with your business meetings wherever you are.
  • No requirement to live or reside in Greece during your residence period. What’s great about Greece is that it doesn’t require you to stay in the country during your residence visa. You can just stay for a week in the country and come and go as you please.
  • You can acquire a resident visa in just 30-60 days, depending on your qualifications.
  • Unlimited residence permit expiry date.
  • Opportunity to engage your property in real estate business rental.
  • You can apply for your family's residence visa too.
  • Eligible to apply for citizenship after becoming a resident for 7 years.
  • Ability to own bonds or shares in a Greek company (but you’re not allowed to be employed in the company).
  • Access to state-of-the-art healthcare, education, and other social services of the country.

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