Real Estate Experts Reveal the Best Places Where to Invest and Live in Portugal

Planning to move to Europe permanently? You might want to consider moving to a beautiful country and availing Portugal residency by investment. The government offers a vibrant and affordable standard of living while opening up golden opportunities for you. Find out which city or place is perfect according to your needs. Let’s reveal; the experts’ recommended places where to invest and live in Portugal.

The Best Places Where to Invest and Live in Portugal


Lisbon takes pride in being a diverse city. It's a home for more than 87 nationalities, so you'll never worry about settling in here. You can visit some African cafes, the little Chinatown, India area, and Nepalese restaurants, and even vegetarian and vegan options. What's more? The Portuguese locals are very accepting and friendly to newcomers.

where to invest and live in portugal
Most ex-pats choose Lisbon as one of their top best places where to invest and live in Portugal.

It’s also a place for most ex-pats and digital nomads as they can tour around Lisbon while working. The city also features a lot of bars, beaches, clubs, and restaurants. The ex-pats also enjoy an affordable standard of living, health insurance, and high-quality healthcare for ex-pats.


If you want to get away from Lisbon’s intense vibrancy and prefer a relaxing place, then Cascais is for you. Just 30 minutes away from Lisbon, Cascais offers mild weather. It also showcases white pristine beaches and beautiful beachsides. There are lots of restaurants and museums you can visit. It’s also a convergence of many cultures and the gateway to other major cities along the sea.

The Algarve

The third in line for the best places where to invest and live in Portugal is The Algarve. If you want a calmer and more relaxing away from the city vibe, then Algarve is for you. This beachside city is generally peaceful and quiet – which gives you the tranquility you need.

Even if it’s not convenient and accessible to other major Portuguese cities, it’s relatively near to the airport in Faro. This means you can easily access other parts of Europe through the international airport.


Still chasing the waters, enjoy the vibrant and stunning beaches of Lagos. It’s home to the world’s most wonderful beaches like Praia do Camilo, Praia Dona Ana, and Praia do Porto de Mós. Lagos offers the most stunning beaches, restaurants, and rooftop bars with the most amazing views. Art enthusiasts will also love Lagos since it has dozens of museums and art galleries to choose from.


Another best place where to invest and live in Portugal is Tavira. One of the prettiest towns in Algarve, this village is pretty remote yet untouched. It features a beautiful beach of Tavira Island. The island takes pride in showcasing natural wonders of nature and a small yet vibrant locality.

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Caldas da Rainha

Bookworms and pasta and pizza lovers will find the best place where to invest and live in Portugal with Caldas da Rainha. This is a spa town that features a relaxing feel with many pizzas and pasta boutiques. So you'll always have that pizza party you dream of!

Bookworms will also love Caldas da Rainha thanks to its book-themed hotel. The Literary Man Hotel holds thousands of books in English. So you can spend ample time reading books to your heart's content. The hotel also has a cocktail and restaurant lounge for you to eat while reading books.


If you want to leave the chaotic life of the city and settle in a small town with a peaceful vibe, then Coimbra is perfect for you. It’s a hidden gem located in Central Portugal. Coimbra is home to small universities and close-knit locals. However, it’s definitely rich in cultural heritage. If you want to learn more about Portugal, Coimbra is the best place for you.

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