Greece Residency by Investment Requirements Comprehensive Guide

Now that you know the stunning benefits of having a residency visa, you might have thought of applying for one. Do you aspire to move to Greece and live there? Want to obtain a resident visa without much hassle? You might want to consider availing residency by investment. Here is the Greece residency by investment requirements you should know.

Greece Residency by Investment Requirements

In order to obtain a resident visa, you can check out two Greece residency by investment options. They are:

Option 1: €250,000 Real Estate Acquisition Value

This option grants a residence permit for a foreign investor for 5 years. You can acquire this residence permit by purchasing a real estate property in Greece with a minimum value of €250,000.

greece residency by investment requirements

This means you can purchase a single property worth €250,000 or accumulate multiple properties totaling the same value. What’s more? You can always renew your residence visa every 5 years without investing more money! You just need to keep your ownership on your properties to avail residency.

Option 2: €250,000 Real Estate Lease or Timeshare Value

If you cannot accumulate properties worth €250,000, you can avail another Greece residency by investment requirements. Another option is to lease a real estate property in Greece or have a timeshare value worth €250,000. This option will grant you 5 years of a resident visa.

You only need to lease or invest a timeshare of €250,000 for hotel accommodations for 10 years. Aside from hotels, you can also lease furnished tourist residencies. Just make sure to lease or invest in a tourist facility accredited by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

Greece Residency by Investment Requirements Process

Our professional CRP immigration and residency advisers seek to provide seamless services for you to obtain Greece residency by investment. Here is the application process you’ll need to undergo:

Consult with CRP Immigration Advisers

To determine the best program for you and your family, we recommend you talk with our immigration experts first. Our agents will assess your finances, personal circumstances, and Greece residency by investment requirements. This will help you choose the most appropriate residency program to avail of.

Visit Greece to See Properties and Determine the Best Real Estate Investment Options

Now that you know that program to take, the next step is to go and visit Greece. This is to scout out for potential properties to invest as you apply for a residency. You can scout out real estate properties to acquire in option 1. If not, you may check out tourism facilities for lease for option 2.

Prepare the Documents

Once you already purchase a property, make sure to prepare your proof of investment documentation. Then, our immigration advisers will provide you with a complete Greece residency by investment requirements checklist. You then prepare the documents and have them scanned and emailed to us. We will check your documents thoroughly to ensure compliance.

Submit Your Residency Application

After making sure your Greece residency by investment requirements are complete, our agents will then submit it to the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration. The application process usually takes 2 months. While the application is still on-going, you'll receive proof of submission. This serves as your temporary permit to travel and go in and out of Greece for 1 year.

Receive your Residency Permit

If all goes well and your application got approved by the Secretary-General of the Decentralised Administration, you’ll be granted a 5-year residence permit. You can use this visa to live in Greece or travel freely in the Schengen zone for five years.

What are you waiting for? Apply for Greece Residency by Investment today!

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