Check Out the Cheapest Residency by Investment in Europe!

Do you dream of living and residing somewhere in Europe? Perhaps you’ve dreamt of retiring in a lovely country or becoming a citizen eventually? Well, you’re in luck! Here is the best and cheapest residency by investment in Europe you can avail! Get your budget ready so you can start filling out a residency application to your favorite country soon!

Cheapest Residency by Investment in Europe


The first in our list of cheapest residency by investment in Europe is Cyprus. You only need to spend 300,000 Euros to buy a real estate property to be eligible for residency. The property must be located in a government-approved development.

cheapest residency by investment in europe

Aside from this requirement, you need to stay in the country at least once in every two years to maintain your resident visa. You can apply for citizenship after seven years of residency. You can read more info about Cyprus Residency and Citizenship programs here.


If you want another cheapest residency by investment in Europe, then heed on to Greece. This European country offers only 250,000 euros, you can avail of Greece's golden visa. What's more? Many of Greece's real estate properties are undervalued due to their recovery from a decade-long national debt crisis.

This means foreign investors can avail as many properties as they want to be eligible for a golden visa. What's more? it has no time-in requirement. It means you can live in Schengen Zone after obtaining Greece visa without stepping on Greek soil. You're only required to be in Greece when you apply and receive your residency permit.

You can learn more about Greece’s Residency by Investment Program here.


Portugal offers not only the cheapest residency by investment in Europe but also various options to acquire a golden visa. You can either purchase a real estate property, invest in Portuguese art, culture, or scientific research. The last option is to invest or start a business and create jobs for Portuguese.

You only need to invest 300,000 Euros for a 30-year old or older properties. If you want to acquire newer ones, you need to invest at least 500,00 Euros. The amount can be reduced if you choose to buy in low population areas. You only need to spend 7 days during the first year and 14 days in succeeding years in the country to maintain your residency status. You can check Portugal’s Residency by Investment Program here.


Spain's golden visa is the next in the cheapest residency by investment in Europe. You need 500,000 Euros to purchase real estate property. While the permit is renewable after two years, there's no time-in country requirement. This means you can freely live in the Schengen zone for the duration of your residency. You can check Spain’s residency by investment requirements here.


Malta offers both residency and citizenship by investment. But before you can be naturalized, you need to become a resident first. You're required to make a real estate purchase worth 350,000 Euros or more. If not, you can invest 150,000 Euros in government bonds.

Another way to acquire residency is by donating 650,000 Euros to National Development and Social Fund. If you want to include your spouse, you need to pay an additional 25,000 for his/her application. In addition to that, you need to live in Malta for at least 6 months during your application. You can check Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program here.

Want to secure you and your family’s future during these trying, enduring, and unpredictable times? Contact our professional immigration experts now to determine the best and cheapest residency by investment program in Europe! Find out what works for you and your family!

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