Turkey Citizenship by Investment: Best Cities to Apply For

Want to apply for Turkey citizenship by investment? Turkey’s strategic location serves as the melting point and gateway for the European and Asian markets. As you apply for citizenship though, you might be wondering which is the best city to live, invest, and do business. For those who are still seeking, here are the best cities to invest in Turkey.

Best Cities to Apply for Turkey Citizenship by Investment


Hails as Turkey’s capital, Istanbul is brewing with real estate, land investment, and business opportunities. There are thousands of land development and real estate projects in Istanbul due to its vicinity near the international airport.

turkey citizenship by investment

So if you’re applying for Turkey citizenship by investment, it’s recommended to purchase a real estate here. You can find great properties in Antalya, Kundu Road, inner part of Lara District, or other holiday villages near the city center.


The Gaziantep city located in Kilis district is also an ideal place for Turkey citizenship by investment. Aside from thousands of emerging real estate developments, it’s also the center for industrial infrastructures.

You can register your business either in organized industrial zones (OIZ) or Free Industrial Zone (FIZ). Both zones are equipped with state of the art infrastructures like electricity, water supplies, natural gasses, telecommunications, road, and transportation. You’ll also receive numerous government incentives for its investors.


Bursa is another developing city that is ideal for Turkey citizenship by investment. What makes this city unique is that it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s because it's known for preserving its natural scenic view. You'll find yourself surrounded by trees, parks, gardens, crystal clear lakes, and rivers. You won't find the concrete jungle here. Instead, you'll enjoy a balance in life and leisure due to its green landscape. Bursa also has popular all-year tourism and great outdoor activities.


Another ideal place for Turkey citizenship by investment in Ankara. This city is near the capital, Istanbul, so it has progressive business and economic activities. As Istanbul gets too crowded, most foreign investors are now heading towards living in Ankara. You can make significant investments in Etimesgut, Eryaman, Temelli, and Yasamkent for real estate investments. If you prefer land developments, you may invest in Batikent, Golbalsi in Kecioren, Orencik region. IF not, you can also choose NATO road in Mamak district or Pursaklar district.


Do you prefer to live up north? Head on to Adana, Turkey. You can find lots of apartment and condo complexes here due to progressive real estate developments. You can also find M1 Shopping Center in the region and other commercial development. If you want to invest in real estate, you can find properties around Karaisei Street and Kozan Road.


Sanliurfa is another city that has a booming real estate investment in Turkey. This city is filled with natural green landscapes and turquoise beaches that make it a popular tourist destination. If you're interested in land development, you can invest in the Karacadag region. The local government also supports foreign investment in the area by giving incentives.


Another great tourism business when you get your Turkey citizenship by investment is Antalya. Antalya takes pride in housing its vast sea, sand, and sun. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Antalya every year due to its popular tourist destinations.

Aside from tourism, Antalya is also becoming a profitable city due to its booming business activities. You can find real estate properties around Kundu Road, which is the center location of Antalya. It also connects to the Lara district and other holiday villages around.

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