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Want to live and reside in the European continent? With hundreds of countries to choose from, there’s no doubt the decision-making can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled the top places that offer the best residency by investment in Europe. Obtaining a residence visa in these places not only gives you access to privileges, but you may also be eligible for citizenship too.

Best Residency By Investment in Europe


Greece only requires investors to accumulate 250,000 Euros worth of property purchases to be eligible for residency. The residence visa enables you to move around the Schengen Zone freely. Moreover, you don't have to stay in Greece to maintain your visa status.

best residency by investment in europe

However, you need to spend some time in the country if you want to obtain citizenship. You need to be proficient enough to learn the language. Learning Greek is one of the requirements for naturalization. Check out the Greece residency by investment program from our website.


The second country in our list of best residency by investment in Europe. You can get a resident visa through a myriad of options. One is to donate money for scientific research, starting or investing business, or purchasing a real estate. Most investors prefer the last option since it’s easier. You need to invest 300,000 Euros to purchase a 30-year old real estate property.

If you want newer properties, then you should invest at least 500,000 Euros. You also need to spend at least 7 days in the country and 14 days every two years thereafter to maintain your Golden Visa status. You can check more details about Portugal Residency by Investment from our website.


Spain's golden visa program may be expensive, but it's one of the best residency by investment in Europe. You need to invest at least 500,000 Euros for real estate purchases.

Aside from that, you need to renew your residency permit every two years. The good thing though is that Spain doesn't require a time-in country requirement. You can check Spain Residency by Investment program here.


Cyprus offers both residency and citizenship programs, making it one of the best residency by investment in Europe. You need to purchase a government-approved real estate property for at least 300,000 Euros.

After seven years of residence, only then you’re eligible for naturalization. Remember that you need to stay in the country for at least 12 months prior to applying for citizenship. Know more about Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program here.


Malta is one of the best residency by investment in Europe due to its fast processing. You can make a real estate purchase for at least 300,000 Euros to obtain a resident visa. If you want to expedite your citizenship within 12 months after getting a resident visa, you can do so.

You only need to make additional investments such as 150,000 Euros to government bonds, 650,000 Euros to National Development, and Social Funds. You must also live in Malta for at least half a year during your application process. You can check more about Malta’s citizenship by investment here.


If your budget is tight but still wishing for a residence visa, then Montenegro is for you. It’s one of the best residency by investment in Europe due to its affordability. You only need to invest a minimum of 50,000 Euros real estate purchase.

The downside though is that it doesn’t give you access to travel and live in the Schengen Zone. This makes it difficult for you to invade the European market. If you can wait, though, Montenegro may be granted membership by 2025. Montenegro Citizenship by investment applied to the European Union in 2008, so the wait shouldn’t take long now.

What are you waiting for? Avail your residency by investment today!

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