Go-Getter Guidelines on What You Can Buy for €500 000 in Portugal

What You Can Buy for €500 000 in Portugal

Portugal, officially acknowledged as the Portuguese Republic is a country that lies along the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Southwest of Europe. The climate in the Atlantic predominates the country overall. In other words, people are generally basking the humidity of the Iberian Peninsula. Pay a visit to its worthwhile attractions and gain a new perspective in getting to know the people and their culture. Learn how to get that Portugal residency by investment. Moreover, think about what you can buy for €500 000 in Portugal.

Moreover, think about what you can buy for €500 000 in Portugal

Every nation’s citizens are willing to move countries for stability and opportunity. These causes tightened policies in borders and prompt an increase in Portugal residency by investment.

The Portuguese Golden Visa

Everybody wants to settle down in a safe country with a warm climate like Portugal. This is especially true to retirees who are protective of their hard-earned pension. Imagine the countless people aspiring to have free access and live in the “Old Continent”. The Portuguese Golden Visa could be a perfect answer for a residence in Europe!

The Portuguese government launched the Portuguese by Investment way back in October 2012. The said program is also known as GV or Golden Visa which is an investor’s fast track method to obtain residency authorization in Portugal if they don’t belong to an EU country.

An Investment

what you can buy for €500 000 in Portugal? find out here

That is to say, you have 7 investment options to obtain the Golden Visa in Portugal:

The first one leads us back into our initial question of what you can buy for €500 000 in Portugal? Where are you likely to find this opportunity to invest? The most popular route to your investment will be a real estate purchase. The €500K GV covers any part of the country and any possible combination of properties. You can find an area with low-density and expect 20% in the requirement.

Second, purchase an old property in Portugal. It’s rare to find opportunities in paying less than what’s required and some even pay more. Try refurbishing an old town building that’s more than 30 years and benefit from the €350 000 GV level. The property should meet the specific criteria and be located in the urban rehabilitation zone.

Another option is making a capital transfer value worth €1 million or higher. That costs more than the first 2 options but still worth a try as long as you can afford it.

Then, your next investment option can also be one that creates 10 new job positions.

Fifth, you can invest a capital transfer value worth €350 000 for research and development.

Next, by the capitalization of local companies with a capital transfer value worth €350 000.

Lastly, invest in the preservation of their cultural heritage with a capital transfer value of €250 000.

The Most Successful Program in Europe

The Portuguese Golden Visa is the most successful in Europe despite its cost. Several reasons have been cited by experts and one of which is the required permanence in the country of at least 7 days every year. They also have favorable rules allowing the dependents to join the main Golden Visa applicant with a single visa. There’s an estimate of 6,000 main visa applicants while 10,000 visas for family members. The Portuguese passport ranked as 3rd most powerful in the world by www.passportindex.org.

What can you buy for €500 000 in Portugal is experience

However, many other factors affect the decisions on where we can invest in these times. For this reason, Greece showed a huge Chinese Market inflow overtaking Portugal for the first time. Greece has now been receiving the most Golden Visa investment in terms of value.

In any event, Portugal is a fine country known for its people, destination, and sunsets. The country may be small but it has several stunning destinations that entice people to consider residency and citizenship by investment.

What can you buy for €500 000 in Portugal? An experience. The Portugal Golden visa has a promising opportunity offered for foreign investors. If you have any questions, visit our site for Portugal Residency by Investment!

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