Experts Reveal the Best Cities Where to Live and Invest in Cyprus

Planning to move to Europe? Wondering about the best places where to live and invest in Cyprus? Then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the best places and cities to settle down in Cyprus. Enjoy spending your golden years or making business in this beautiful and vibrant country!

Where to Live and Invest in Cyprus


Paphos takes pride in ranking number 1 as the best place to live and invest in Cyprus for 7 consecutive years now. Its main ex-pats consist of British immigrants who want to settle here. This modern city offers state-of-the-art facilities while offering a mixture of stunning views.

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Paphos ranks the list of the best places where to live and invest in Cyprus due to its modernity and tranquility.

You can admire its beautiful archaeological and architectural infrastructures while gazing at the vast Mediterranean sea. Whether you’re into city life or you want peace and tranquility, Paphos can offer it for you. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can also enjoy Paphos due to their lower tax schemes and crime rate.


The next in line is Limassol which is the country's business capital. We encourage aspiring investors to move here for their business endeavors. It's also Cyprus' entertainment capital so you can explore a lot of things from the action, adventure, cultural heritage, discovery, and even romance.

Limassol assures you'll never run out of exciting things to do here. Another thing most EU ex-pats and businessmen can avail of living in Limassol is their high standard of education and healthcare system. Its cost of living is also pretty affordable compared to other cities in Europe.


Although Nicosia is the country's capital, it only landed as the third best place on where to live and invest in Cyprus. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best 20 cities to live in Europe. The city is bursting with a mixture of city and village life.

Despite not having many stunning beaches and infrastructures, most ex-pats choose Nicosia as an ideal place to move in. Why? Because its strategic location serves as the melting point of Africa, Asia, and European continents.

This means most people will have access to international shipping and airports around the world. It makes it easier for businessmen and investors to travel for business meetings. Aside from that, Nicosia offers the lowest corporate tax scheme in Europe.


If you’re a food and wine lover, then Larnaca is the best place to live and invest in Cyprus for you! This place is the home to the famous Mediterranean Cypriote delicious cuisines. Its laid-back life and vibrant lifestyle make it an ideal place to retire too.

Aside from its low cost of living (its monthly rent only averages 300 Euros!), most ex-pats enjoy its duty-free importation. That's right! You're free to migrate all your possessions, cars, even your pets for free!


Another best city to live and invest in Cyprus is Famagusta. It's known for businessmen and investors in the industrial sector. It's the home for the largest fishing and shipping port in the country. This means the ex-pats can enjoy a mixture of Cyprus' history and rich marine life.

Many businessmen also settle here due to its promising economic hub development. You and your family also enjoy it here since it’s the home for the best universities in Europe. Moreover, it also offers excellent healthcare services.


If you're interested in learning about Cyprus' historical culture with heavy Turkish influence, then Kyrenia is the best for you. The city is home to thousands of castles, museums, and ancient walls. Its economic hub is also bustling. Most millennials also go here to spend a vacation in Cyprus.

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